Truman works on ‘spruce up’

TRUMAN — Dave and Kathy Sorenson this week provided an update to the Truman City Council about the “Spruce Up Truman” committee, which has been working on cleaning up portions of the city.

While they have been working on fixing up some buildings, Kathy said they also plan to paint some equipment at the park, with the permission of the council. They also would like to paint the doorframe at the police station and pull weeds at the mini golf course.

Kathy said they used 6 gallons of paint on the community building, 3 of which they paid for and two that Mayor Lynn Brownlee bought. Kathy said they need more paint for the projects and are seeking about $250 to buy it.

“I think we have some money left over for the community building in repairs that’s left over,” said council member Jake Ebert, to which city administrator Bethanie Ekstrom said she would check.

“The labor is free. We have lots of projects that we’d like to see improved in town. We’re running into some problems because a lot of them are privately owned,” said Kathy.

Dave added that they are hoping some private businesses will pitch in for paint since the labor is free.

“I see we have tremendous potential,” he said. “The downtown doesn’t look that great, but there isn’t any reason why we can’t make it look better than it does now. There are so many great things that are going on that people aren’t even aware of. We are not a dying community; we have a lot of things going for us.”

“People are stepping up. They do want to help,” Kathy said.

The Spruce Up Truman committee will host a meeting at 7 p.m. tonight at City Hall that is open to everyone.