Fairmont police officer Brad Buhmann set to end long tenure

Brad Buhmann

Fairmont police officer Brad Buhmann will retire this fall after a long and fruitful career in law enforcement.

Born and raised in Fairmont, Buhmann looks back on his career with an attitude of thankfulness, and shared how he got his start.

“When I was a younger child, I had an uncle that worked as a sergeant in the jail division in Hennepin County,” he said. “Then, in 1984, Bob Meschke started the Explorer Post 167 and I was one of the five original members, and all five of us guys got degrees in law enforcement.”

Buhmann credits his time in the Explorer group for sparking his interest in law enforcement.

“It’s a division of the Boy Scouts of America, and we got to do ride-alongs with some guys who are retired now,” he said. “Those guys just kind of took us under their wings and told us what it was all about. Now here I am 30-some years later and it’s time for me to get out.”

Buhmann offered a brief rundown of his career in the area:

“I lived here [in Fairmont] my whole life. I was born and raised here. I worked at the Fox Lake Ballroom as a dance cop where I made $35 per night to check IDs, and that was my first big job. I also worked for the Martin County Sheriff’s Office. I worked at the Martin County jail part time; I worked the bike patrol; I worked for Truman for three years; and I got hired here for full time in 1992.”

Buhmann says he enjoyed his time as a K9 handler, as well as being able to help out after a tornado hit St. Peter. He also has enjoyed his involvement in reaching out to the community.

“A few years ago, my wife and I started the ‘shop with a cop’ program, and that was very fulfilling,” he said. “Now we just had our second year of ‘cops and bobbers,’ and I hope to see those programs keep going after I’m retired.

“There haven’t been any challenges that I can think of,” he continued. “Times change. When I started working here, we still used typewriters and the majority of the forms were filled out by hand. Now we’ve got computers, cameras, body cameras and cell phones. Technology is getting faster and faster.”

Buhmann shared some advice for those considering a career in law enforcement.

“These are some pretty trying times right now, but there’s still a need,” he said. “I got into this to help people and if you’re not wanting to help people you shouldn’t be getting into it.”

Buhmann also noted an interesting fact about himself as an officer, and expressed gratitude for his co-workers.

“I’m the last guy on the police department to be issued a revolver,” he said. “I wore it the first day and I’m going to wear it my last day.

“I’m really very thankful for the older guys that helped me through the learning process in becoming a policeman. It was a very fulfilling job and I’m happy to have had the opportunity.”


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