Pet clean-up stations approved

FAIRMONT — Brittney Lopau offered a proposal to boost park cleanliness to the Fairmont Park Board on Monday. To earn her Girl Scout Silver Award, Lopau is offering to install dog clean-up stations at various parks in the city.

Her reasoning is simple. Sometimes, people don’t have bags to clean up after their pets, or there is no available garbage can to dispose of the used bags. And stepping in doggy doodoo is not fun for park-goers.

Lopau presented the board with different styles of bags, receptacles and signs varying from $75 to $200 in cost. She plans to raise money and seek donations for her project which would put the stations at the soccer fields, on the trails, at the Winnebago Avenue Sports Complex, and at Ward, Lincoln, Sylvania and Gomsrud parks.

“It’s definitely a problem that needs resolution,” said board member Craig Nelson, whose motion to support Lopau’s project received unanimous approval.

In his monthly update, Nick Lardy, park and street departments supervisor, noted that a new flag pole has been installed at the fire hall and another new pole is set to go up at Veterans Park. Saturday will be the last day of the season at the Fairmont Aquatic Park, and in preparation for winter, he had just ordered 225 tons of de-ice salt for the city’s streets.

Lardy also mentioned that the mini golf course by the aquatic park will be carpeted on Monday so it should open soon.

Roni Dauer, CER director, gave a brief recap of the summer which kept her department busy with the Vista Reads program, T-ball, sports camps and the summer playground program in the parks.

CER is preparing for fall/winter activities with the new catalog set to be mailed out Sept. 21.

“There’s a demand for a lot of different things,” she said.

Troy Nemmers, city engineer, updated the board on the progress of replacing the Pioneer Bridge with a 5-ton pedestrian bridge. Crews are waiting for rebar to be delivered at this time, and the project should be done by the end of the summer.