Welcome eyes new ordinance

WELCOME — The Welcome City Council this week discussed hiring DIS to use cameras to examine sanitary sewer pipes for each of the 328 connected houses in town.

The company has asked for permission to go into homes if it has to photograph sump pump connections. The company would charge from $200 to $250 per location.

After discussion, the council decided to consider passing an ordinance, preceded by public meetings to explain the reasons behind the action and to get community input. Action on hiring DIS was tabled.

In other business, engineer Travis Winter of Bolton & Menk said his firm will contact the concrete crew currently working in Welcome to add two spots on Circle Drive to their work order. The spots need curb and gutter repair.

Winter also reported that there are some property owners who want wider driveways. The council reminded him that the council does not want driveways to be extraordinarily wide. Officials say driveways will be replaced as they were. If property owners want wider driveways, these will be built at the expense of property owners, and property owners must contact the contractor.

Officials reminded residents that the purpose of curbs is to keep traffic off grass and lawns.

The council reminded Winter to make sure the south side of Fourth Street has curbs.

Winter reported that ramps on Third and Fourth streets near Dugan Street should be done this week. The second phase of 2019 road and street construction is planned for the first week of August.

He also reported on quotes for the water draining in the alley behind the Legion. There are seven connections there and 250 feet of 6-inch pipe needed to keep water and ice from collecting in the alley. Cost of the work is estimated at $20,400. The council approved the expense. Any of those connecting who want to drain roof water to the storm drain must pay for it. The extra expense could be added to their assessment.