Truck wash creates concerns in Sherburn

SHERBURN — Sherburn City Council this week discussed a possible new truck wash in town that has some residents concerned.

One of the owners, Justin Williamson, was on hand.

Officials’ questions focused on water discharge, annexation and traffic flow.

Owners of property on Swanson Drive offered a letter listing their concerns about rodents, smell, wastewater, air quality, water table, road damage and other concerns. They asked that their rights be respected, and asked for assurance from the council.

They also asked that the annexed property be regulated and whether there can be a study on changing the location of the truck wash to farther away from homes. They said they realize there is financial advantage for the city in the project but hope the owners’ disadvantages are not forgotten.

Williamson said all permits and conditions from state, county and city have been met and approved. He said the site has been approved as bio-secure by the University of Minnesota. He said Bolton & Menk engineers have planned the facility and the upgrades, and provided maps as to the location.

The city will have one lift station concerning the wastewater and water needed. Williamson said the water going to city facilities will be from the exterior wash of the trucks, while water used to wash animal waste from inside the trucks will come from a well and be held in a pond.

In other city news, the Economic Development Authority approved resolutions to issue abatement bond series and housing revenue bond series tax packages related to the financing of additions at Temperance Lake Ridge. The council also approved these bonds to be sold. The packages include a $300,000 abatement bond at 3.25 percent and a revenue bond at $575,000 over 20 years at 2.95 percent. Shannon Sweeney from David Drown Associates, public finance advisers, remarked that now is a good time to sell bonds since interest rates are low.

In other business, the council

o Denied a request for demolition monies to remove trees at 309 First St. East. The council said the fund exists to demolish dilapidated homes, not trees.

o Held a public hearing on a Rural Service District ordinance that would tax rural land with no buildings within the city limits at a 31 percent lower rate than city property, because those properties do not use utilities.

o Learned that the next council meeting will be 5 p.m. Aug. 5 at City Hall.