Fairmont man facing drug possession count

FAIRMONT — A Fairmont man is facing a felony charge in Martin County.

Brent Neal Shaikoski, 37, has been charged with drug possession in the fifth degree, which carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

According to the complaint:

On May 11, Fairmont police officers were dispatched on a report of a domestic assault in progress at a residence in the 900 block of North Park Street in Fairmont.

During the course of sorting out the incident, officers spoke with Shaikoski. One of the officers observed a white plastic bag that appeared to contain a residue sticking out of Shaikoski’s front left coat pocket. The officer asked Shaikoski what the bag was and Shaikoski said it was nothing and began to push the bag down into the pocket while saying there was nothing in his pocket. The officer asked Shaikoski to remove the bag and Shaikoski said he did not want to remove it. The officer reached to retrieve the bag and Shaikoski grabbed the officer’s fingers through the coat, preventing him from removing it.

The officer then ordered Shaikoski to remove the bag and not tamper with the evidence. Shaikoski loosened his grip and the officer removed the plastic baggie, which contained numerous other smaller baggies. The officer was aware the baggies are common for the storage and sale of narcotics.

The officer felt other items in Shaikoski’s coat and removed another small baggie containing a green residue, some gold jewelry, another baggie containing marijuana and a plastic bag containing five unidentified blue pills.

Shaikoski was patted down prior to being transported to the law enforcement center. During the course of that search, another officer discovered a glass pipe that later tested positive for meth.

A check on Shaikoski’s record shows a prior conviction for a fifth-degree controlled substance crime in 2016.


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