Schools to work on communication

FAIRMONT– The Fairmont School Board on Tuesday heard from several educators from Fairmont Elementary School. Kirsten Rosol, Ross Long and Kelly Sloneker, were present to discuss a book study that they led this school year. The idea came from Rosol, who had a book, “The paraprofessional’s handbook for effective support in inclusive classrooms,” that she found helpful while in college.

The book study started with about 50 people and by the end 40 were attending regularly. The group met four times, always on Mondays after school. Long said they would start by mingling to get to know each other as there were special education teachers, paraprofessionals and general education teachers in attendance. Long said they were given a survey afterward to ask what they got out of the study and what they wanted.

“What we found that they wanted more communication structures in place for teachers and paraprofessional, more awareness that communication is needed across all staff, and to develop expectations between teachers and paraprofessionals,” Long said.

“Collaboration and communication.. it seems so simple but it’s often missing. It’s a missing component that can make a huge difference if it’s there,” remarked board member Rufus Rodriguez.

The board asked the teachers what they can do to help make communication between staff easier. Long said that the staff needs to set aside some time in their schedules to check in with each other.

In other action, the board accepted a bid from Weather Technologies, Inc. for repair of the roof of the performing arts center at Fairmont High School. Two bids were received and reviewed by building and grounds director, Tyler Garrison, who recommended WTI for the low bid of $120,632.

“That price is going to be lower if we wait until September or October because there’s a premium right now on construction and roofing people so the prices are higher in the summer,” pointed out board member Dan Brookens. The project will be done in the fall months.

The board also accepted the principal’s contract, which is a two year contract. Some changes to the contract include an increase from 47 to 52 weeks worked with an accrual of 20 paid vacation days annually. There is an option to earn a $100 stipend for supervising school activities after 5 p.m and 403B matching contribution for 2019-20 & 2020-21 set at $3,000.

The salary schedule for the 2019-21 school years is: 1-3 service years: $110,000; 4-6 service years: $115,000; 7-10 service years: $120,000; 10+ service years: $125,000.

In other news, Brookens gave a brief operations committee report saying that they received requests to save 40 seats from the performing arts center to be auctioned off during the 2019 homecoming game. All the seats will be replaced this summer.

The board accepted the following employments:

q Kim Breamer as the head volleyball coach.

q Sydney Handevidt as an elementary special education teacher.

The board accepted the following resignations:

q Adam Bloomgren, high school math teacher.

q Stephanie Kainz, elementary education teacher.

q Kaleen Schultz, preschool special education teacher.

q Courtney Luniewski, elementary special education teacher.

The board accepted the following donations:

q $1,500 for the district from Agriculture Grow, Research and Innovation Program Dairy Cooler grant.

q $1,388 from the Martin County Youth Foundation to be used for early morning enrichment activities for summer school.

q $2,500 from the Martin County Youth Foundation to be used for CER youth scholarships.

q $150 from the Fairmont Police Association for the first grade trips to the Law Enforcement Center and the Martin County Historical Museum.