Men facing felony counts

FAIRMONT — Two Fairmont men are facing felony charges in Martin County.

Dorian Lamar Stinnett, 27, has been charged with check forgery and Matthew Allen Burns, 28, has been charged with aiding and abetting check forgery. Both charges carry a maximum penalty of five years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

According to the complaint:

On April 22, a Fairmont police officer was dispatched to Hy-Vee on a report of a suspicious check. At the store, the officer spoke with the manager, who indicated the store had just accepted a possible stolen check from a man.

The manager indicated Hy-Vee received four separate checks in the previous 24 hours from the same checking account. The total amount of the four checks was $885.

The officer observed three different driver’s license numbers written on the checks. One of the numbers came back to Stinnett, who the officer knew from prior police contacts.

The officer spoke with the owner of the checking account, who indicated she had not been at Hy-Vee when the checks were written and that the account had been closed for five years.

The officer viewed surveillance footage of the individuals who had passed the checks. The officer was unable to recognize one individual, but was able to recognize Stinnett.

The officer again spoke with the checking account owner, who recognized the second individual as a relative, Burns. The woman said Burns and Stinnett had been at her house on Easter. She did not give them permission to go into the room where her checkbook was located, or to take and use it.

Later in the day, the officer interviewed Stinnett at the Martin County Law Enforcement Center. Stinnett was advised of his rights and agreed to answer questions.

Stinnett admitted to filling out three of the checks and indicated he did so because Burns did not know how to fill out checks. He also admitted to being at the woman’s house but denied stealing the checkbook, indicating Burns may have done it.

Officers have attempted to locate Burns, whom the woman said is homeless. His location is unknown.