Students ‘forgiven’ snow days

FAIRMONT — The Fairmont School Board on Tuesday approved forgiving five of nine inclement weather days for staff.

There will be no requirement for students to make up inclement weather days.

“Even with us losing nine days, we are still over in hours required for students (by state law) because we have longer days than most public schools in Minnesota,” said Superintendent Joe Brown.

High schools in Minnesota are required to have a minimum of 1,020 instructional hours. There are currently 1,037 hours scheduled at Fairmont Area. Elementary schools are required to have a minimum of 935 hours. There are currently 1,046 hours scheduled at Fairmont Area.

For teachers, June 4-5 will be required in-service days. The remaining 16 hours will be made up through individual staff development or curricular development, as directed by building administrators.

In other news, members of Fairmont High School’s speech team who went to the state meet at Wayzata High School on April 12-14 were present to talk about their experience, along with co-coaches Erik Walker and Kathleen Perry.

Thirteen Fairmont students went to the state meet. There were 35 students on the team this year, ranging from seventh-graders to seniors. Fairmont took fifth place as a team at state.

Perry said the season runs from January through April. She noted that speech is not only an individual activity but a team event as well.

“Our success continues because we, so to speak, leave a legacy,” Perry said of the long-time successful speech team.

“I think we are successful because of the great support that we have from our school,” Walker added.

In another matter, the school board approved the hiring of Dylan Van Brockline as the boys head hockey coach for 2019-20.