Sherburn gets assessor report

SHERBURN — Some Sherburn residents got answers to questions about property values and taxes from a representative of the Martin County Assessor’s Office during the City Council meeting this week.

The representative explained that reassessing is done every five years, and 2019 will show these new values since all houses in Sherburn were reassessed and the values — according to sales — went up 5 percent. (Some properties had lower values and others stayed about the same.)

Turning to other business, the council heard from city staff, who explained that the storms last week delayed street cleaning but that it is planned for this week.

A resident and a neighbor complained about a truck-cleaning business proposed near their homes. They said the smell and proximity of the business would devalue their properties. Council members talked with them about plans to help eliminate the problem.

It was reported that the citywide cleanup day will be May 11. The council approved a plan to have May 4-10 serve as a time for repurposing of items by placing them on curbs.

Curbside pickup and bringing items to the truck will be held May 11. There is no charge when bringing items to the truck. Curbside pickup costs $20 per pile. The pile should be no more than about the size of the back of a pickup, or 32 square feet. Those using curbside pickup will need a tag from City Hall. The deadline to purchase one is 4 p.m. May 9.

The council said this service will help those unable to haul items to the truck site behind City Hall and help repurpose items that can be used by others.

Hughes explained that each of the four trucks involved cost $110 and $44 for labor.

Hughes also reported on streets that are virtually unusable, such as Third Street and a part of Fourth Street. The council asked for a second bid on the repairs since the cost is more than $300,000 and the residents should have an explanation on assessments. The council will meet again to expedite the rebuilding of these streets.

The next council meeting is scheduled for 5 p.m. May 6 at City Hall.


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