Ceylon enjoys games with ‘Eye Play’ system

A child plays a game called “Mousetrap” on the Eye Play system at the fitness center in Ceylon. Ceylon Area First, a nonprofit group, bought and installed the technology.

There is a new interactive projection system called “Eye Play” at the Ceylon Fitness Center.

Ceylon Area First, a nonprofit group, installed the game in the building at 112 W. Main St.

There will be a grand opening Saturday, which is also Community Day in Ceylon. They will let children ages 1-10 try the Eye Play System.

They will have smoked brisket sandwiches and beverages for sale as a fundraiser.

John Gibeau of Ceylon Area First explained that the game is a system that projects images on the floor, to turn it into a smart screen of sorts. Children have fun, learn and exercise while touching the images.

The system has 17 games, so far, geared for children ages 2-12, but adults enjoy them too. Usually four children participate at a time.

Ceylon Area First envisions allowing children to use the system for free twice per month. The group also is considering allow the game to be used for family events, birthday parties and other events.

Gibeau said the system is revolutionary, using technology to help children with mental and physical activities, since it uses their whole body.

Gibeau first saw the system on social media and applied for grants from the Martin County Foundation for the initial $4,000 to buy it and have it installed. He has since received grants from the REA Round-Up fund and others.

Ceylon Area First is funded by private donations and fundraisers only and does not use government funds. It has offered several activities in the Ceylon area for children.

Ceylon Area First can be contacted through its Facebook site at “Ceylon Area First.” The phone number is (507) 399-3497.