School updated on maintenance needs, food costs

FAIRMONT — During Fairmont’s School Board meeting Tuesday evening, several maintenance projects were approved.

The Operations Committee had previously met with the district’s director of buildings and grounds, Tyler Garrison, to discuss several different projects.

Garrison briefed the committee on two quotes from ISG out of Mankato and Bolten & Menk to serve as project managers for the seal coating of the High School parking lot during this upcoming summer. The quote of $8,455 from Bolten & Menk was approved.

The district is in need of a new payloader, as the current one is from 1969 and has been used for the past 30 years. Garrison had been researching possible replacements as well as checking on leasing options. The committee approved the purchase of a new Volvo L50H payload at the state reduced price of $117,000.

Finally, Garrison briefed the committee on the sanding, painting and sealing of the main gym of the Fairmont Elementary School at a cost of $27,119. The Boys Basketball Association has pledged $3,000 to assist with the funding of the project.

In other news, the board heard an update from Chartwells Dining Service, the district’s food service provider. Katy Bazzett, regional director, and Travis Preuss, Fairmont’s director, were present.

Bazzett said that food costs are up due to some meal changes that they’ve made, but labor is down due to school closures from poor weather.

Preuss shared that they have been doing monthly events such as caramel apple day and super nachos day for the super bowl. They also celebrated Dr. Suess’s birthday with green eggs and ham.

“We’ve also sampled some grapefruit, sweet potatoes, kohlrabi and cantaloupe,” Preuss said.

Preuss said they got a new condiment table with new pumps for various condiments at the high school. they also started sharing tables for unused, unopened milk or other individual items at both the high school and elementary schools. Preuss said it has been a great success so far.

Bazzett and Preuss shared that they’re not looking to increase any prices on meals for next school year.