Cup N’ Saucer takes time for a winter fixup

Owner Seth Lintelman stacks cups behind the counter in the newly remodeled Cup N’ Saucer Cafe in Sherburn.

Regulars at the Cup N’ Saucer Cafe in Sherburn are enjoying a new look to go with their locally sourced meals.

Owners Seth and Elizabeth Lintelman recently made the decision to do some interior remodeling, and Seth shared that he couldn’t be happier.

Closing at the end of January and reopening in early March, the Lintlemans are enjoying the fruition of several months worth of planning.

“We’ve been looking at doing this since July or August,” Seth said. “We’re always closed for two weeks in February, and this year we closed for the whole month because we weren’t quite sure how long it was going to take to get it done. So we decided that was going to be the time.”

Lintelman said re-doing the flooring was the largest part of the project.

“We tore up all the old carpet,” he said. “There were two layers of carpet, and in spots there were layers of tile. So we tore up all the old tile and we re-did the flooring in the bathrooms, and when we had the carpet up we had someone come out and try to level out some if the lumps and bumps that were in the floor.”

But the renovation did not stop there. Lintelman noted that some old equipment also was updated or removed.

“We had somebody that took out the old hood system for us, and we took out an old refrigeration unit that we replaced with new shelving. So that was the bulk of it. The whole process took about three weeks.

“People like it,” he continued. “It’s a pretty good change. The old carpet was pretty beat up. Since there were two layers of carpet, we had professional carpet cleaners who told us there was no way they could get it cleaned because all the dirt was just going down in.

“It gives people a new backdrop to enjoy, along with some pretty good food and the excellent service that we’ve got already.”

Seth said one of his favorite parts of the remodeling was being able to utilize the services of local businesses.

“We had Doolittle’s [Carpet and Paints], who did the carpet; Associated Builders was here, along with Cress Refrigeration, Culligan and Kuehl’s Electric. And we just want to thank them all for putting in the hours to get it all done.

“It’s always our agenda to promote local as much as we can, whether it’s through the food that we serve or through getting local companies to do the work we need done. All of those guys really came through and got everything set up for us.”

Lintelman is waiting until spring to tackle some other projects, but for now is happy to be open and seeing customers enjoy the new look.