Ceylon will not postpone annual Community Day

CEYLON – Ceylon City Council is sticking with plans to hold the annual Community Day on April 13.

The council this week weighed changing the date because there are still large snow piles around town. The city is working with the auctioneers to break up the piles to help in the thawing process. Larry and Mark Howell are the organizers and auctioneers, along with Gary Helmers, who was unable to attend the meeting.

The event has been held in mid-April for 80 years, and was chosen so that farmers can attend and not interrupt their spring fieldwork and planting.

Council members noted that the same family has organized the day since 1924, and that the city works hand in hand with the auction team to promote Ceylon.

The council was asked if side streets can be barricaded to prevent large trucks from driving down these narrower residential streets. The auctioneers say they instruct those selling machinery to go to the corner by the park and to the southeast corner of the former football field to unload, and to go back the same way. The council will look into arranging some sort of barricade for the streets.

It was noted that four-wheeler and golf cart traffic has increased to a concerning level during the event. City ordinance prohibits driving all-terrain vehicles on Highway 263, which is the main street up to the old Methodist church. ATVs are limited to traveling at 10 mph, and must be off the streets by 10 p.m. It is also illegal to drive ATVs while drinking or in a reckless manner.

Council members noted that there will always be people who disrespect others’ property, but they hope this can be eliminated by common sense and common courtesy. The auctioneers agreed.

In other Community Day business, the council set the fee for out-of-town vendors at $100. A suggestion was made to put vendors on the rummage sales map on the website.