GHEC board gets positive news

GRANADA — The Granada-Huntley-East Chain School Board on Thursday heard an update from Kristie Rolling, dean of students. She discussed Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports.

Rolling said the PBIS committee meets every six weeks. It is comprised of teachers from the elementary and high school, as well as special education teachers.

For March, Rolling said they are planning a “March Madness” event. They will keep track of behaviors and points using the PBIS Rewards App that is new within the school this year. Students can use points gained through good behavior to purchase items.

Rolling said that popular among elementary students is using points to buy a ticket to have lunch with Superintendent Mandy Fletcher, while high school students like using points to purchase a pass to wear a hat during the school day or for food items.

“We have some great activities planned for April and May,” Rolling added.

While Fletcher was not present at Thursday’s board meeting, Rolling read the superintendent’s report.

She said there has been much discussion recently on snow days and school make-up days.

“The leadership team met last week and discussed several options,” she said. “They’ve decided that beginning now there will be no more early outs for the rest of the school year, which will make up two days.”

Students have been getting an early release every Wednesday prior.

Rolling also reported that instructional rounds will take place Feb. 19-21.

“Instructional rounds are where small groups of teachers go from room to room with Mrs. Fletcher, observing other professional practices to pick up strategies to use in their own classrooms,” said Rolling, adding that this is the program’s fourth year.

Rolling also noted that Fletcher has been meeting with area superintendents over the past few months to plan for next school year. The first focus involves implementing a business education class.


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