Sherburn eyeing building leaks

SHERBURN — The Sherburn City Council this week heard a presentation by Dick Hanson from Floor Coat Midwest of Truman about possible repairs for the community hall water leaks.

Hanson said he had surveyed the building and believes the water is coming from the sidewalk and leaking into the basement ceiling by the coatroom.

There also are leaks inside near the water heater crawl space, and deterioration of limestone blocks on the outside.

Hanson discussed possible repairs. He suggested injecting foam by the sidewalk to stabilize it, and injecting foam along the wall near the foundation. He believes this would eliminate the water being able to enter the building on the east side.

There is a warranty on the foam.

The cost for the work would depend on the amount of materials needed.

The repairs would have to be done when the weather is warmer, at least 45 degrees, in order for the foam to set up.

Councilman Brad Ringnell suggested finding out where the water is entering by using some dye injected where leaks are suspected. Hanson will check into the feasibility of such a test.

Utilizing a sump pump also was discussed. This would require a 2-foot hole in the concrete, a pump and a place to pump the water.

The council discussed the necessity of repairs to maintain the building. They reached a consensus that something must be done to eliminate further deterioration.

A suggestion that the sidewalk be replaced was discussed. Officials also wonder if the water will find another route into the building after the foam is injected.

In the end, the matter was tabled for further discussion.

In other business, the council discussed the need for a feasibility study related to wastewater improvements to help with sludge removal.

Officials discussed the drying bins and the process of converting the sludge into a material that could be disposed of like garbage.

The council approved asking for a feasibility study by engineering firm Bolton & Menk.

In another matter, the council changed the date for the second meeting in February to Feb. 19, since the regular meeting date falls on the Presidents Day holiday.