Winnebago woman facing drug charge

FAIRMONT — A Winnebago woman is facing a felony charge in Martin County.

Sierra Rene-Ann Driehorst, 22, has been charged with drug possession in the fifth degree, which carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison.

According to the complaint:

On Nov. 25, a Fairmont police officer received information about drug activity at a residence in Fairmont.

While on patrol, the officer observed an unoccupied silver hatchback motor vehicle parked behind a suspected drug house. The vehicle appeared to be running and, within 10 minutes, the officer observed two individuals leave the residence and get into the car.

The officer ran the license plate of the vehicle and found the registration had expired in August. The officer activated his emergency lights to stop the vehicle for expired registration. The vehicle stopped and the officer made contact with the driver, later identified as Driehorst.

As Driehorst handed the officer her driver’s license, he noticed her hand was shaking. When asked if the car was hers, Driehorst said it was not. She said she did not know who owned the vehicle.

The officer observed that Driehorst’s mouth was dry and that she had a sticky white film in her mouth.

When Driehorst handed over a card, saying it was the insurance card, the officer observed it was actually a Minnesota registration slip.

The officer had Driehorst step out of the vehicle. In talking with Driehorst, the officer observed that she seemed confused. When asked if she was on probation, she said she was for possession of meth.

The officer advised that he was going to have a K-9 sniff the vehicle. Driehorst admitted to having meth and needles in her purse. The K-9 indicated that narcotics were present.

Another officer arrived to assist. In the purse, officers found a digital scale, multiple bags with meth residue, a meth pipe, multiple syringes in a sharps container, a spoon and a container with meth inside.

Driehorst was placed under arrest and transported to the Martin County Jail, where she was advised of her rights and agreed to answer questions. Driehorst admitted that a urine test would be positive for Adderall. She also said she had last used meth one and a half days prior.

Driehorst was unable to provide any proof of insurance for the vehicle she was driving.