GHEC plans storm repair fixes

GRANADA — The Granada-Huntley-East-Chain School Board on Thursday heard an update from Superintendent Mandy Fletcher regarding damage to the school caused by a tornado on Sept. 20.

Damaged areas include the second-floor roof of the academic wing, which must be replaced; the fence around the elementary playground; the scoreboard at the football field and the visitors side bleachers, all which need to be replaced; and the HVAC units on the large gymnasium roof.

Fletcher said insurance is covering the damage and the school is only responsible for tree branch removal on the grounds.

“We’ve been operating very efficiently given we had to close down the north side of the second floor due to roof damage,” said Fletcher, explaining that two classrooms had to relocate prior to bringing students back after the storm.

“Unfortunately, we need to replace the entire roof and we need to do it all at once,” Fletcher said.

She said many contractors are behind schedule because of the rainy weather but her goal is to accept a bid by the end of the week so the company can begin ordering supplies.

Fletcher expects it to take a minimum of four weeks to complete the job.

“You can’t have classes or kids up there when they’re working on the roof for safety issues,” she said. “First of all, we have to empty the rooms and get the furniture out and everything taped. The good news is the insurance will cover hiring a moving company.”

Fletcher said they will continue to look at more bids for a new playground fence and hope to find something before spring. Other playground equipment was inspected and found to be safe to use.

Bids for a new scoreboard and for visitors side bleachers also have been received, so the district is in the process of deciding.

“All things considered, we can pretty much operate normally around here given the damage that was done,” Fletcher said.