Welcome talks water service pumps

WELCOME — One public comment began the Welcome City Council meeting on Tuesday night. A request for a deaf child sign was approved if Brad Hughes approved. The council reminded the parent that the sign would be paid for by them.

The meeting continued with approval of new LED lights in the shop, payment for township fire and severance pay, Finstad to fix tile at the park, and Oct. 15th declared as Pregnancy and Infant Loss Day.

When discussion continued about equipment, the council approved paying for the new street sweeper through the equipment fund.

A city employee reported the sweeper was very good and did the job in two hours as opposed to four hours using the old one. The council also asked the city employee to check on prices for a liner for the back of the truck used for snow.

Travis Winter from Bolton and Menk reported on the progress of the water tower and discussed improving the service pumps in the coming years since the new tower is 15 feet higher than the old one and the gallons per minute pumped up into the new one may be lowered because of that. The water may be lowered to 140 gallon per minute from 210 gallon per min. That was tabled for later discussion when all the information is gathered. The council did approve redoing the propellers of the service pumps using the rebuilt pumps they have on hand.

Winter also reported on the televising of the sewer system from First Street to Fourth Street and from Dugan Street to Hwy. 263. The Council approved the $4,000+ quoted price. After the sewer system is checked the council will do a feasibility study and apply for grants etc. about improving the system since the sewer was put in in 1966.

The council also approved Schmidt Siding and Windows quote to fix the gutters on the north side of the fire hall and replacing the gutters on the south side to protect anyone from the snow chunks sliding off the roof.

Approval for a trimmer mower to mow around trees and headstones at the cemetery was also passed.

Discussion about the new trees doing well and street signs pricing were tabled. The council agreed to have the full council interview for the new city employee. Applications are available at city hall and the

deadline to apply is August 31.

Since the November meeting date is on election night, the council agreed to change the November 6 date to 6 p.m. on Monday, Nov. 5.