Truman hears from department heads

TRUMAN — On Monday evening, the Truman City Council heard quarterly reports from several different departments. Fire chief Dave Bentz reported that the fire department is currently at full staff right now. Bentz also said that they’ve had a few trucks repaired that received some damage during the Northrop fire which took place in late December. The cost of the repairs were around $5,000 and other than that, Bentz said that there is no new news regarding the billing situation from the fire. The fire department has gone on eight calls so far this year.

“We’ve been a bit busy but that’s okay. Nothing major,” Bentz reported.

Street Superintendent John Bosshart also gave a brief report, saying that there’s not much change until the weather straightens out. Bosshart said that they’d like to get the ice away from the curbs and get the streets cleaned up but they will wait and see what the weather does.

Police chief Justin Jobe said that they are waiting on the new squard car to arrive but that all the parts have been ordered. Jobe also received the council’s approval to hire Jared Gray as a part-time officer.

The council also reviewed six different bids for the seal coat project. For this year, $48,000 has been budgeted to seal coat one fourth of the streets in Truman. Pearson Bros., Inc. was awarded the low bid at $45,087 or $1.21 per square yard. Bosshart highly recommended Pearson as they have done a lot of work in Truman over the last few years.

The fire contracts for different townships were also reviewed. Bentz reported that representatives were sent to the three different township meetings about a month ago and they were all in favor of what was presented. Westford, Waverly and Nashville townships all agreed to an increase in the truck fund donation from $25 to $50 per section. The fire contract rate will stay at $150 per section.