W’bago officer under scrutiny

WINNEBAGO — The Winnebago City Council on Tuesday discussed a complaint filed against part-time police officer Colton Ryg.

According to the complaint form:

On Dec. 8, Ryg walked into a business in Albert Lea to find out why his girlfriend had been fired and obtain a copy of her personal file. When told by an employee that Ryg could not be given the information, Ryg said he was going to file a lawsuit, stating, “This isn’t right.” Ryg then said he was a police officer, lifting up his shirt to show a badge. He then stated, “Here is my badge; we will see what happens.”

Ryg then left the store, according to the complaint, and sat in his truck with his girlfriend for about five minutes before returning to the store to again request a copy of his girlfriend’s personal records. At that point, the employee reported she was concerned for her and her co-workers safety. After Ryg left, the employee called the Albert Lea Police Department.

No criminal charges were filed against Ryg.

After discussing the matter in closed session Tuesday, the City Council took no action on the complaint.