Man facing felony drug charge

FAIRMONT — A Fairmont man is facing a felony charge in Martin County.

Dorian Lamar Stinnett, 25, has been charged with drug possession in the fifth degree, which carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

According to the report:

At 3:43 p.m. April 18, two Fairmont police officers were dispatched to Profinium Bank in Fairmont on a report of a fight. Upon arrival, one of the officers spoke with a witness who indicated she had been at the bank with her friend, Stinnett. She indicated Stinnett had become upset and started swearing at her over money.

The woman said she tried to leave and walk home when Stinnett pulled his vehicle in front of her and tried to stop her. She told Stinnett she was going to call the police and he left the scene.

A Minnesota State Trooper advised through dispatch that he was with the suspect vehicle at the intersection of Highway 15 and Johnson Street. Other officers responded to that location, and an officer asked Stinnett to explain what happened. He said he went to the bank with his girlfriend and they got into an argument so he left and was going home.

Stinnett asked if he was going to be arrested, and an officer advised him that as of that moment he would not be. Another officer indicated he was going to give the woman a ride home, as she wanted to be there when Stinnett picked up his stuff.

The Trooper and an officer arrived at the residence to do a civil standby while Stinnett obtained his clothing.

As officers entered the residence, they heard Stinnett and the witness arguing back and forth while another officer tried to mitigate. As Stinnett became more verbally aggressive, an officer directed him downstairs. Stinnett was calmed slightly but grabbed various items, including a laptop, when the witness said it was her computer.

Stinnett threw down the items he was carrying and proceeded, and officers observed him, snap the laptop, breaking it. An officer then grabbed him and informed him he was now under arrest. Stinnett pushed the officer and took a fighting stance. Officers tried to take Stinnett into custody and he continued to resist.

The Trooper stepped back and yelled “Taser.” Officers saw the Trooper deploy his Taser but it had no effect on Stinnett. Another officer deployed his own Taser, which again had no effect. Stinnett said the Taser would have no effect and the officer again activated his Taser, with no effect.

An officer then took out his pepper spray and began to shake the can, at which point Stinnett told him the mace would not have an effect on him either. Stinnett eventually said officers could just handcuff him.

While Stinnett was being processed through the jail, jail staff discovered two meth pipes in his belongings. The pipes later tested positive for the presence of meth.

A check of Stinnett’s criminal history indicates he has a prior conviction for a controlled substance crime in Minnesota.


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