Speeding — Nicole R. Anderson Pederson, 41, of Sun Prairie, Wis.; Trevor A. Rislow, 41, of Saint Charles; Dionicio Ramirez, 65, of St. James; Taylor J. Bertin, 37, of Houston, Texas; Bridget Cole, 37, of Excelsior; Joseph D. Jacobsen, 38, of Stacy; Andrew B. Condon, 22, of Spirit Lake, Iowa; each fined $125.

Robert J. McManus, 55, of Plymouth, Wis.; fined $135.

General windshield prohibitions-no objects suspended between driver and windshield — Dylan K. Anderson, 23, of Chaska; fined $125.

Failure to drive with due care-speed greater than reasonable — Tyler J. Hatfield, 27, of Mankato; fined $125.

Window tint violation-less than 50 percent light transmittance — Shane A. Hassing, 36, of Easton; fined $135.

Wireless communications device-engage in cellular phone or video call — Robert R. Koch, 66, of Fairmont; fined $135.

Marijuana in motor vehicle-less than 1.4 grams — Jason P. Dustin, 42, of La Crosse, Wis.; fined $135.

Wireless communications device-initiate/compose/send/retrieve/read electronic message — David L. Wiederhoeft, 51, of Northrop; fined $135.

Careless driving-operate any vehicle carelessly on street or highway — Zed D. Dirks, 35, of Fairmont; fined $185.

Jaedon L. Erickson, 25, of Welcome was convicted of careless driving-operate any vehicle carelessly on street or highway; fined $185. Also convicted of vehicle window restrictions-tint too dark; fined $50.



Speeding — Kenneth D. Gay II, 44, of BLue Earth; fined $145.

Expired registration — James K. Braunhausen, 65, of Mankato; fined $115.

Driving after suspension — Meggan J. Alexander, 39, of Mason City, Iowa; fined $285.


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