Speeding — Jose L. Cisneros, 34, of San Benito, Texas; Bradley J. Harris, 35, of Lisbon, Wis.; Robin J. Larocque, 60, of Wabasha; Chad C. Olson, 51, of Fairmont; Steven C. Johnson, 40, of Mankato; Eliot R. Jurries, 26, of Sherburn; Isaac S. Freitag, 30, of Fairmont; each fined $125.

Eric R. Householder, 39, of Fairmont; fined $145.

Curtis M. Van Dyke, 31, of Mankato; fined $225.

Paul T. Tousignant, 44, of Missoula, Mont.; fined $385.

Unreasonable acceleration — Robert J. Minscer, 34, of Truman; fined $125.

Hands free law-engage in cellular phone or video call — Denise L. Hansen, 65, of Jackson; fined $135.

Wireless communications device-initiate/compose/send/retrieve/read electronic message — Ryan A. Driehorst, 37, of Granada; fined $135.

Window tint violation-less than 50 percent light transmittance — Blessing J. Reynolds, 28, of St. James; fined $135.

Wireless communications device-engage in cellular phone or video call — Candy K. Hendershot, 51, of Lake Park, Iowa; fined $135.

Driving after suspension — Roberto Vidal Jr., 25, of Fairmont; Dale A. Mathwig, 67, of Dunnell; each fined $285.



Motor vehicle registration-unregistered (certificate revoked) — Tabatha K. Kuiper, 47, of Kiester; fined $385.

Lukas J. Schimek, 22, of Mankato was convicted on two separate charges of operate vehicle with expired registration; fined $115 for the first charge and $30 for the second charge. Also convicted of trailer not equipped with safety chains or permanent cables; fined $100.


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