Speeding — Matthew D. Ertman, 37, of Blue Earth; fined $125.

Braxton C. Bragg, 23, of Theodore, Ala.; fined $135.

Sigit Purwanto, 33, of Riverside, Ohio; fined $145.

Joshua A. Slark, 39, of Marysville, Ohio; fined $225.

Unlawful passing when lane isn’t clearly visible and not free of oncoming traffic — Ricky J. Ehlert, 59, of Fairmont; fined $135.

Driving without a valid drivers license for vehicle class or type — Alma E. Zapata, 23, of Thompson, Iowa; fined $185.

Driving after revocation — Jennifer Jo Clifford, 65, of Welcome; fined $285.

Driving after suspension — Jerry R. Weis, 45, of Bricelyn; fined $285.

Scott A. Rave, 27, of Fairmont was convicted of driving while impaired-alcohol concentration 0.08 within two hours; fined $810, sentenced to jail 365 days, stayed 335 days for two years, two days will be served at the Martin County Jail, may serve remaining 28 days on electronic home monitoring with alco-sensor, two years supervised probation, no same or similar, attend MADD impact panel, contact probation officer as directed, complete chemical assessment and follow recommendations of evaluation, no alcohol/controlled substance use with the exception of prescribed medications, no alcohol/controlled substance possession, random testing, defendant may credit up to $400 towards fees on getting license reinstated, obtain permission from agent before leaving the state, follow all state and federal criminal laws, contact probation agent within 72 hours if charged with a new crime; are in contact with law enforcement; if change address, employment, or telephone number, cooperate with search of person, residence, vehicle, workplace, property, etc. by probation officer, sign releases of information as directed, don’t use/possess firearms, ammunition, or explosives. Additional charge of operate motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol was dismissed.

Zachary J. Brandt, 33, of Lake Crystal was convicted of speeding; fined $135. Additional charge of open bottle law-liability of non-present owner was dismissed.

Richard H. Loger, 34, of (homeless) was convicted of harassment-knowingly violates temporary or restraining order; sentenced to jail 90 days, stayed 87 days for one year, credit for time served three days, one year unsupervised probation, remain law-abiding, no same or similar.

Avory J. Vleiger, 19, of Fairmont was convicted of no proof of motor vehicle insurance; fined $200. Also convicted of instruction permit violation (without helmet); fined $135.

Cody S. Lewandowski-Musel, 30, of Frost was convicted of no proof of motor vehicle insurance; fined $200. Also convicted of display expired registration; fined $115.

Marcus R. Tamez, 49, of Fairmont had a charge of fourth-degree damage to property-intentional damage-other circumstances continued for dismissal; fined $318.55, restitution $318.55, six months unsupervised probation, pay restitution, no same or similar.


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