Speeding — Sheila M. Moore, 61, of Trimont; Heather Deng, 25, of Chicago, Ill.; each fined $125.

Rollo D. Cyphers, 64, of Elmore; fined $225.

Hands free law-initiate/compose/send/retrieve/read electronic message — Bryan P. Poppe, 27, of Trimont; fined $135.

No or inoperative breakaway brakes — Calvin G. Mattson, 70, of Granada; fined $185.

Driving without a valid drivers license for vehicle class or type — Kenny O. Guerra Sandoval, 35, of Fairmont; fined $185.

Daniel L. Stanton, 43, of Dunnell was convicted of driving after suspension; fined $285. Also convicted of failure of driver to carry proof of insurance when operating a vehicle; fined $200.

Allison M. Kingswan, 23, of Armstrong, Iowa was convicted on a felony charge of third-degree controlled substance possession-10 grams or more of narcotic; commit to Commissioner of Corrections 21 months, supply DNA sample. Also convicted on a felony charge of first-degree aid and abet attempted aggravated robbery; fined $85, commit to Commissioner of Corrections 21 months, concurrent with other case, supply DNA sample. Two additional felony charges of first-degree controlled substance sales-17 grams or more within a 90-day period, third-degree aid and abet assault-substantial bodily harm, and misdemeanor charges of disorderly conduct-brawling or fighting, contempt of court-willful disobedience to court mandate, and obstruct legal process-lawful execution of legal process, were all dismissed.

James Williams Jr., 55, of Blue Earth had a charge of issue dishonored checks continued for dismissal; fined $327.81, restitution $327.81, one year unsupervised probation, no same or similar.

Ryleigh D. Hinz, 23, of Granada was convicted of operate motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol; fined $810, sentenced to jail 365 days, stayed 360 days for two years, credit for time served five days, two years supervised probation, complete chemical assessment, follow recommendations of evaluation, attend MADD impact panel and pay for costs, remain law-abiding, contact probation officer as directed, no alcohol/controlled substance use, random testing, follow all conditions set forth in the probation agreement, obtain permission from agent before leaving the state, follow all state and federal criminal laws, contact probation agent within 72 hours if charged with a new crime; are in contact with law enforcement; if change address, employment, or telephone number, cooperate with search of person, residence, vehicle, workplace, property, etc. by probation officer, sign releases of information as directed, don’t use/possess firearms, ammunition, or explosives. Additional charge of driving while impaired-alcohol concentration 0.08 within two hours was dismissed.


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