Speeding — Nicole L. Eisenmenger, 30, of Blue Earth; Matthew P. Alexander, 37, of Lakewood, Ohio; Jeanette R. Alred, 52, of Milwaukee, Wis.; Michaelah L. Petrowiak, 17, of Truman; Edward L. Bell, 79, of Theodosia, Mo.; Todd A. Berglund, 50, of Austin; Michael A. Guthrie, 34, of Belvidere, Ill.; Tyler R. William, 34, of Poplar Grove, Ill.; Shianne K. Hybbert, 24, of Fairmont; each fined $125.

Nancy Avila, 51, of Round Lake, Ill.; fined $135.

Makayla L. Hall, 18, of Granada; Tyreseo J. Harris, 19, of Fairmont; each fined $145.

Peter L. Jones, 54, of Neenah, Wis.; fined $285.

Seat belt violation in a commercial vehicle — Loren D. Forsberg, 55, of Dunnell; fined $110.

Operate vehicle with expired registration — Kiley M. Ziemer, 25, of Alpha; fined $115.

Drive over, through or around barricade on highway — Terry D. Dorhout, 42, of Doon, Iowa; fined $125.

Fail to yield right-of-a-way to cross traffic at uncontrolled T-intersection — Verdine A. Craig Wright, 76, of Fairmont; fined $135.

Wireless communications device-engage in cellular phone or video call — Debra A. Holz, 59, of Welcome; Carter J. Klima, 21, of Sherburn; each fined $135.

Window tint violation-less than 50 percent light transmittance — Morgan E. Shriver, 20, of Fairmont; fined $135.

Driving after revocation — Terry L. Kooiker, 41, of Welcome; Dustin M. Feltman, 28, of Worthington; each fined $285.

Santio Cal Us, 19, of Fairmont was convicted of driving without a valid drivers license for vehicle class or type; fined $185. Also convicted of driving wrong way on a one-way street; fined $100.

Tyler J. Murray, 29, of Littlestown, Pa., was convicted of driving without a valid drivers license for vehicle class or type; fined $185. Also convicted of speeding; fined $40.

Cody A. Hoppe, 27, of Woodbury was convicted on two separate charges of overnight parking; fined $32 for each charge.

Jamie D. Mead, 32, of Albert Lea was convicted of domestic assault-intentionally attempts to inflict bodily harm on another; fined $85, sentenced to jail 25 days, credit for time served 25 days. Three additional felony charges of first-degree burglary-assault person in building on property, violate restraining order within 10 years of first of two previous domestic violence convictions, and domestic assault by strangulation, were all dismissed.

Joshua D. Scholl, 32, of Fairmont was convicted on a felony charge of predatory offender-knowingly commits act or fails to fulfill registration requirement; commit to Commissioner of Corrections 366 days, concurrent with other case, supply DNA sample.


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