Speeding — Irma I. Haugh, 84, of Easton; fined $125.

Mathew M. Goodrich, 23, of Delavan; fined $145.

Failure to wear seat belt while in a motor vehicle — Peggy J. Fox, 54, of Truman; fined $110.

Failure to drive with due care — Guillermo Diaz-Lopez, 21, of Sherburn; fined $125.

Window tint violation-less than 50 percent light transmittance — Trey N. Pottratz, 20, of Holland; fined $135.

Failure to stop at stop signs or stop lines at entrance to thru highway — Melissa M. Howry, 45, of Montrose; fined $135.

Driving without a valid driver’s license for vehicle class or type — Oscar Eduardo Patlan Ochoa, 25, of Fairmont; fined $185.

Uninsured vehicle-owner violation — Luis Alejandro Rosado Colon, 19, of Fairmont; fined $285.

Driving after revocation — Skiler J. Hovenga, 29, of Truman; fined $285.

Driving after suspension — Ricardo Fernandez, 44, of Fairmont; fined $285.

Divante J. Blackwell, 27, of Truman was convicted of driving after revocation; fined $285. Also convicted of no proof of motor vehicle insurance; fined $200.

Laura L. Larsen, 53, of Blue Earth was convicted of failure to wear seat belt while in a motor vehicle; fined $110. Also convicted of hands free law-access video content/images/games/software applications; fined $50.

Luis Reniel Rodriguez Burgos, 25, of Fairmont was convicted on a felony charge of threats of violence; fined $1,085, commit to Commissioner of Corrections 18 months, stayed five years, sentenced to jail 82 days, credit for time served 82 days, five years supervised probation, obtain permission from agent before leaving the state, follow recommendations of the psychological evaluation which includes individual therapy and anger management programming as directed by supervising agent, no contact with victim(s), refrain from the use of any form of violence which includes either violent behavior or threats of violence, no alcohol/controlled substance use unless prescribed and monitored by a licensed medical professional, no alcohol/controlled substance possession, random testing, follow all conditions set forth in the probation agreement, follow all state and federal criminal laws, contact probation agent within 72 hours if charged with a new crime; are in contact with law enforcement; if change address, employment, or telephone number, cooperate with search of person, residence, vehicle, workplace, property, etc. by probation officer, sign releases of information as directed, give DNA sample when directed, don’t use/possess firearms, ammunition, or explosives, don’t register to vote until discharged from probation and civil rights are fully restored. An additional felony charge of second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon, and a misdemeanor charge of domestic assault-subsequent violation, were both dismissed.

Bill Lundin Jr., 41, of Fairmont was convicted on a felony charge of domestic abuse-violates two or more Orders for Protection within 10 years of previous conviction; fined $85, commit to Commissioner of Corrections 18 months, supply DNA sample.

Manuel Pablo Ralios, 43, of Fairmont was convicted of driving without a valid drivers license for vehicle class or type; fined $185. Also convicted of no Minnesota drivers license; fined $185. Also convicted of child passenger restraint system not fastened-child under the age of 8 and under 57 inches tall; fined $50.


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