Speeding — Grant H. Kemink, 23, of Waupun, Wis.; Jennifer A. Yates, 36, of Blue Earth; Bradley J. Schmidt, 59, of Mankato; John S. Sexton, 33, of Maple Grove; each fined $125.

Roxann M. Dafoe, 58, of Welcome; Michael T. Feia, 61, of Fairmont; each fined $145.

Failure to drive with due care — Curtis J. Jensen, 64, of Owatonna; fined $125.

Fail to yield right-of-way to driver on right at controlled intersection — Jarek B. Cutler, 18, of Trimont; Benjamin T. Hardt, 34, of Fairmont; each fined $135.

Window tint violation-less than 50 percent light transmittance — Ryan J. Christensen, 35, of Hampton; fined $135.

Wireless communications device-initiate, compose, send, retrieve or read electronic message — Elexis N. Emery, 27, of Fairmont; fined $135.

Marijuana in motor vehicle-less than 1.4 grams — Jason D. Logan, 42, of Belvidere, Ill.; fined $135.

No front plate foreign state if state requires it — Kathryn L. Deelstra, 32, of Hartford, S.D.; fined $185.

Driving after revocation — Thomas N. Thelen, 44, of Hayward; Brady M. Tesch, 40, of Elmore; each fined $285.

Denetrius D. Washington, 42, of Fairmont received a stay of adjudication on a charge of disorderly conduct; one year unsupervised monitoring without conviction, no same or similar.

Chere R. Wichmann, 36, of Fairmont had a charge of issue dishonored check-offense continued for dismissal; fined $52.14, restitution $52.14, six months unsupervised monitoring without conviction, pay restitution, no same similar.

Taunia L. Arndt, 37, of Ceylon was convicted of driving after revocation; fined $285, sentenced to jail 90 days, stayed 90 days for one year, one year unsupervised probation, no same or similar.

Emily M. Knapp, 19, of Mankato was convicted of failure to drive with due care; fined $135, sentenced to jail 30 days, stayed 30 days for one year, one year unsupervised probation, restitution reserved, no same or similar.

Charles F. Christensen, 65, of Fairmont was convicted on two separate charges of driving after suspension; fined $285 for each charge. Also convicted of failure to wear seat belt while in a motor vehicle; fined $25.


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