Speeding — Louis H. Bosley, 62, of Monkton, Md.; Jilaine M. Lunz, 63, of Butterfield; Charles L. Studer, 19, of Ham Lake; John M. Evanina, 65, of Olyphant, Pa.; Nicholas J. Heilman, 36, of La Crosse, Wis.; Anthony G. Hofford, 51, of Moose Lake; each fined $125.

Romulus J. Kost, 20, of Ceylon; fined $135.

Joshua C. Anderson, 23, of Winnebago; fined $145.

Timothy D. Jordan, 40, of Lewisville; fined $225.

Failure to wear seat belt while in a motor vehicle — Surita C. Martinez, 31, of Carpentersville, Ill.; Michelle L. Rasche, 39, of Fairmont; each fined $110.

Move over law violation-two lanes in same direction — Jeffrey B. Sparks, 59, of Fairmont; fined $135.

Unlawful passing-against signs — Michael T. Elbert, 37, of St. Clair; fined $135.

Driving after revocation — Rigoberto Chapa Vega, 33, of Fairmont; fined $285.

Careless driving-operate any vehicle carelessly on street or highway — David Garcia Colomba, 37, of Fairmont; fined $510.

Alexandra I. Corona, 20, of Sherburn received a stay of adjudication on a charge of disorderly conduct-offensive/abusive/boisterous/noisy/obscene; sentenced to jail 11 days, credit for time served 11 days, one year supervised probation, take medications in the prescribed dosage and frequency, follow all conditions set forth in the probation agreement, complete chemical dependency treatment program currently enrolled in and follow recommendations, attend individual therapy on a regular basis and follow recommendations, cooperate with any mental health referrals to Human Services as directed by probation agent, no alcohol/controlled substance use, random testing, obtain permission from agent before leaving the state, remain law-abiding, follow all state and federal criminal laws, contact probation agent within 72 hours if charged with a new crime; are in contact with law enforcement; if changes address, employment, or telephone number, cooperate with search of person, residence, vehicle, workplace, property, etc. by probation officer, sign releases of information as directed, don’t use/possess firearms, ammunition, or explosives. Additional charge of domestic assault-commits act to cause fear of immediate bodily harm or death was dismissed.

Eric R. Foster, 23, of Truman was convicted of driving without a valid drivers license for vehicle class or type; fined $185. Also convicted of speeding; fined $60.


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