Speeding — Sherry A. Bunting, 58, of East Earl, Pa.; Brittany L. Redmann, 29, of Floral Park, N.Y.; Douglas P. Walker, 72, of Truman; Dylan Z. Hovdet, 20, of Butterfield; Kimberly A. Jamer, 50, of Savage; Kayla L. Adams, 22, of Truman; John O. Bland IV, 44, of Louisville, Ky.; each fined $125.

Calyn M. Bumgardner, 21, of Columbia, Iowa; fined $135.

Dakotah Victor L. Young, 27, of Bancroft, Iowa; Lester L. Pierson, 59, of Truman; Gary B. Wigen, 32, of Winnebago; each fined $145.

Cody J. Sailor, 27, of Elmore; Khalil Hosseinian, 55, of ontario, Canada; Antonio Guajardo Trevino, 45, of St. James; each fined $225.

Failure to wear seat belt while in a motor vehicle — Jodi S. Neidecker, 34, of Fairmont; Derek G. Schwieger, 45, of Fairmont; each fined $110.

Watercraft-personal floatation or lifesaving devices required — Jannie F. Potgieter, 44, of Sherburn; fined $110.

Fail to obey traffic control device — Ethan T. Meixell, 16, of Granada; fined $135.

Driving without a valid drivers license for vehicle class or type — Cody A. Roberts, 26, of Truman; fined $185.

Driving after suspension — Matthew T. Langworthy, 29, of Jackson; fined $285.

Skyler L. Newcomb, 28, of Rochester was convicted of speeding in special zone; fined $145. Also convicted of fail to change address or name within 30 days; fined $20.

Dominic T. Williams, 27, of Fairmont was convicted of obstruct legal process-interfere with peace officer; sentenced to jail 83 days, credit for time served 83 days. Additional charge of disorderly conduct-offensive/abusive/noisy/obscene was dismissed.


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