Speeding — Gerard Rosso, 49, of Waverly, N.Y.; Philip Cha, 21, of Brooklyn Center; Chad E. Kesselring, 39, of Elmore; Matthew T. Steffens, 47, of White Bear Lake; Thomas R. Thole, 37, of Hudson, Wis.; each fined $125.

April A. Dovorany, 31, of Chicago, Ill.; fined $145.

Failure to drive with due care — David J. Hoffman, 37, of Winnebago; Ahmed Emmen, 40, of Henrico, Va.; each fined $125.

Driving after suspension — Cory T. Hansen, 35, of Frost; fined $285.

Luis F. Perez, 26, of Elmore was convicted on two separate charges of driving after revocation; fined $285 for each charge. Also convicted of failure of driver to carry proof of insurance when operating a vehicle; fined $200.

Nathaniel J. Okai, 45, of Sioux Falls, S.D. was convicted of speeding; fined $300. Also convicted of careless driving; fined $185. Also convicted of child passenger restraint system not equipped and installed; fined $50.

Jacobia L. Booker-Northern, 27, of Milwaukee, Wis. was convicted of drivers license violation-use false name/DOB to identify self to police; sentenced to jail 148 days, credit for time served 148 days. Additional charges of driving after revocation, and speeding, were both dismissed.

Wyatt E. Vandenbosch, 20, of Lake Wilson was convicted of speeding; fined $125. Additional charge of expired proof of motor vehicle insurance was dismissed.



Speeding — Kaylee M. Riley, 20, of Brandon, S.D.; fined $125.

Gustavo A. Sarabia Caloca, 27, of Chicago, Ill.; fined $135.

John B. Sanderson, 26, of Billings, Mont.; fined $145.

Sean M. Johnston, 24, of Minneapolis; fined $225.

Failure to wear seat belt while in a motor vehicle — Tyler S. Volkart, 32, of Spring Valley; fined $110.

Display expired registration — Nicholas W. Arp, 21, of Jackson; fined $115.

Driving after revocation — Brianna L. Guy, 23, of Welcome; Brian L. Jensen, 37, of Fairmont; each fined $285.

Lyle D. Eineke Jr., 32, of Madelia was convicted of operate vehicle with expired registration; fined $115. Additional charge of failure of driver to carry proof of insurance when operating a vehicle was dismissed.

Richard J. Seyman, 71, of Davis, Calif., was convicted of speeding; fined $225. Also convicted of no proof of motor vehicle insurance; fined $200.

Robert S. Mathews, 50, of Welcome was convicted of motor vehicle registration violation-unregistered-certain acts forbidden; fined $300. Also convicted of driving after revocation; fined $285. Also convicted of uninsured vehicle-driver violation; fined $200.