Speeding — Francisco J. Mendez Diaz, 50, of Richfield; fined $135.

Window tint violation-less than 50 percent light transmittance — Tanner D. DeWar, 18, of Fairmont; fined $135.

Tiffany R. Schluter, 34, of Bricelyn received a stay of adjudication on two separate charges of fifth-degree controlled substance possession-not small amount of marijuana; one year unsupervised monitoring without conviction, no alcohol/controlled substance use, random testing, complete outpatient treatment and follow recommendations for each charge.

Jeremy J. Hansen, 37, of Blue Earth was convicted on a felony charge of domestic assault; fined $85, commit to Commissioner of Corrections 21 months, restitution reserved for 60 days, give a DNA sample when directed. Two additional felony charges of domestic assault, and terroristic threats-reckless disregard, and a misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct-offensive/abusive/boisterous/noisy/obscene, were all dismissed.



Speeding — Michael D. Schneider, 65, of Arkansaw, Wis.; fined $125.

Herendira Ramirez, 50, of Winona; fined $135.

Rebecca A. Denaway, 40, of Fairmont; fined $225.

Number of vehicles in vehicle combinations exceeds two-unit limit — Dennis W. Greathouse, 37, of Spencerville, Ohio; fined $125.

Move over law violation — Brian S. Schoberg, 58, of Owatonna; fined $135.

Dog at large — Brian L. Johnson, 42, of Trimont; fined $135.

Driving after revocation — Brianna L. Guy, 22, of Welcome; fined $285.

Andrea J. Shoenbaum, 30, of Dunnell was convicted of texting/use of electronic device while driving; fined $135. Also convicted of failure to wear seat belt while in a motor vehicle; fined $25.

Devyn Sterling Q. Rowley, 33, of Minneapolis was convicted of third-degree driving while impaired-alcohol concentration 0.08 within two hours; fined $910, sentenced to jail 365 days, stayed 335 days for two years, credit for time served two days, serve as work release if eligible, serve as electronic home monitoring with alco-sensor if eligible, two years supervised probation, complete chemical assessment, follow recommendations of evaluation, no alcohol/controlled substance use, no alcohol/controlled substance possession, random testing, attend MADD impact panel, remain law-abiding, follow all conditions set forth in the probation agreement, follow all state and federal criminal laws, report to agent as directed, advise agent prior to changing employment and/or residence, cooperate and be truthful with agent in all matters, notify agent if arrested and/or issued a summons, obtain permission from agent before leaving the state, don’t ship/transport/possess/receive firearms or ammunition, sign releases of information as directed. Additional charges of third-degree operate vehicle under the influence of alcohol, and open bottle law violation, were both dismissed.