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Iraq and Afghanistan Wars

The reason I am suspicious of much that the military brass has to say about Iraq and Afghanistan is because going to war is what keeps them in business and gives them jobs. They will spin any political, military, or domestic conflict so that it makes it look like their actions are warranted in order to ensure that their “jobs” continue to have value. They love their work and for the most part are good at it. Their actions in these conflicts also cost us a lot of money – well over a trillion just for the actions in Iraq and Afghanistan to date, and trillions when it is all said and done – borrowed for the most part, not raised through domestic taxes or sacrifice. Much of it wasted through fraud by domestic businesses, the military, and the people we are trying to set up as leaders in these countries. This doesn’t even take into account the lives of active American military personnel, veterans, and civilians let alone the vastly larger number of innocent Iraqi and Afghani people.


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