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Students need this

November 2, 2012
Fairmont Sentinel

To the Editor:

On Nov. 6, our community is going to make a difficult decision on the school referendum. This decision will affect every student in the Fairmont school district, and generations to come.

The decision is: Are you going to give us the support we students deserve or are you going to let funding for extracurricular activities disappear? That means no band, choir, orchestra, and no funding for football, basketball, volleyball and so many more.

How is that going to look to people who want to move to Fairmont? One of the first things families look at is schooling for their kids. New families have come to Fairmont because of our wonderful community and our school district. Do you want to lose our credibility and the chance to have more students enroll in our schools? If this referendum doesn't pass, it is possible that we will lose students.

I am a sophomore at Fairmont Jr./Sr. High school. I have been going to Fairmont schools my whole life. I have really enjoyed all of the many opportunities I have experienced. From fifth grade through this present year, I have played in the band. I have sung in school choir since third grade. I also manage volleyball and help with girls basketball. I'm in student council and Target, a chemical free group.

There are many teachers, coaches and other school staff who I have had the time to spend with thanks to my extracurricular activities. Without them, I would not be the person I am today. I have learned many skills in these extracurricular activities that will help me in life. There are many other students in our school district who are involved in just as many activities as me, if not more. If students aren't involved in extracurricular activities, what will they do to pass the time?

Before Nov. 6, please think about what you are voting for. Really think about what your vote could do for this generation and for the next. Do you want your kids, nephews, nieces, grandkids, great grandkids, etc., to grow up without the possibility of having extracurricular activities?

Remember to always vote for what you think is right.

On Nov. 6, please vote yes.

Rachael Mielke




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