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‘End-of-life’ counseling shows up in Medicare

January 12, 2016 Millions of older people who rely on Medicare will find the health care program is different this year. Several changes have been made to reduce costs and allegedly improve quality. more »»

Obama’s abuses not stopped by Congress

January 11, 2016 Members of Congress do not always get it right. But our system of government mandates that when corrections need to be made, they will be up to voters at the ballot box or, occasionally, the courts. more »»

Et Cetera ...

January 9, 2016 Working things out Minnesota state lawmakers finally seem to be getting on the same page. On Friday, Gov. more »»

‘BizPitch’ could help local entrepreneurs

January 8, 2016 We’re sure many people in the Fairmont area have considered opening their own business. Maybe they have a good idea, or think they have one that needs further development. more »»

Minnesotans will suffer from another standoff

January 7, 2016 Politicians, it seems, cannot agree on anything, as demonstrated by the lack of cooperation between Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton and House Speaker Kurt Daudt on Wednesday. more »»

Presidents, Congress failing nation on debt

January 6, 2016 No nation on earth has a battle tank capable of matching the U.S. M1 Abrams. It is simply unbeatable on combat. more »»

Great New Year for America’s creditors

January 5, 2016 Among America’s creditors, 2016 promises to be a good new year indeed. Our national debt will top $19 trillion sometime during the year. more »»

Another year goes by as reforms still languish

January 4, 2016 Another year goes by as reforms still languish Another year has come and gone with neither Congress nor the White House doing anything to ensure Social Security is viable for future generations. more »»

Et Cetera ...

January 2, 2016 Thanks, Judge Walker We extend our thanks and congratulations to Judge Robert Walker, who is stepping down from the bench in Martin County after serving 26 years as the leader of the court system. more »»

On New Year’s Eve: Please be safe tonight

December 31, 2015 If the trend during recent years holds true tonight, about 156 Americans will not live to see daylight on New Year’s Day. Please, don’t be among them. more »»

Can energy outlook get worse? It sure can

December 30, 2015 With President Barack Obama gloating over his success — he, at least, calls it that — at the Paris climate change conference, it may be easy for people to wonder how the energy outlook for us could... more »»

Islamic-based terror larger than one group

December 29, 2015 Islamic-based terror larger than one group At least President Barack Obama no longer is talking in terms of “containing” Islamic State terrorists. more »»

Please remember those in need throughout year

December 28, 2015 Please remember those in need throughout year Another Christmas is history. Once again our compassionate region has worked something of a miracle for our less fortunate neighbors. more »»

Et Cetera ...

December 26, 2015 WFS works out merger We congratulate WFS of Truman on the merger announced this week with Central Valley Cooperative of Owatonna. more »»

Obamacare is a flop, in every way possible

December 24, 2015 By the millions, Americans are passing judgment on Obamacare — by staying as far away from it as they can get. That should tell Congress something. more »»

AP investigation shows power grid is vulnerable

December 23, 2015 What if you flipped the switch some evening and the lights did not come on? Worse, what if the temperature outside was below zero and the furnace would not work? It happens, almost always because of... more »»

‘Climate change’ pact is simply an awful deal

December 22, 2015 You may have heard the suggestion that if guns are criminalized, only criminals will have guns. more »»

Bringing back Bergdahl proves a costly mistake

December 21, 2015 Bringing back Bergdahl proves a costly mistake Sg. more »»

Et Cetera ...

December 19, 2015 Tax hikes pretty large The three largest taxing districts in Martin County — the county, the city of Fairmont and Fairmont Area Schools — all have approved property tax hikes that are much higher... more »»

Public notifications serve communities well

December 18, 2015 Fairmont police and the Minnesota Department of Corrections held a community notification meeting in Fairmont this week to talk about a sexual predator relocating to tow. more »»



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