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October 24, 2015 Good communication We believe that a public forum held this week to address the possible threat to Fairmont Area Schools — and the response to it — was productive. more »»

Junior Achievement serves great purpose

October 23, 2015 We want to take some time and space here to laud the Fairmont Area Chamber of Commerce and local schools for participating in Junior Achievement, an economics education program. more »»

Iowans should consider principles, then choose

October 22, 2015 People living in northern Iowa are among those who face a huge responsibility this year and next — helping choose a new president. more »»

Obama shifts again on Afghan troop needs

October 20, 2015 President Barack Obama may have begun doing the right thing in Afghanistan — but time will tell whether he will follow through. more »»

Why would anyone trust U.S. anymore?

October 19, 2015 Why would anyone trust U.S. anymore? Americans can’t be trusted. They don’t keep their commitments. more »»

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October 17, 2015 Officials forced to act Fairmont school officials and local police overreacted in an abundance of caution this week to an online threat, which led to the arrest of a teen in Jeffers. more »»

Nobel Prize winner has insights into poverty

October 16, 2015 To the jeers of liberals who claim they are merely insensitive to the poor, conservatives have argued for years that simply throwing money at the economically disadvantaged is foolish. more »»

Case could create real dangers on state roads

October 15, 2015 A case in the Minnesota court system is raising eyebrows as well as questions, as a defendant argues that he should not have been charged with refusing to take a blood test for possible DWI because... more »»

What Freedom Caucus deserves is more support

October 14, 2015 Minnesotans and Iowans may or may not grasp or care about the power struggle taking place in the U.S. House of Representatives. They should. There is much at stake. more »»

Police body camera reveals heroic action

October 13, 2015 What would you do if you were a policeman who — fortunately wearing a ballistic vest — had just been shot by a suspect? Remember, the impact of a bullet striking a ballistic vest is severe and often... more »»

Taliban fooled us once; it shouldn’t happen again

October 12, 2015 Taliban fooled us once; it shouldn’t happen again We Americans seem to be viewed as suckers by many of our enemies. more »»

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October 10, 2015 Kudos to city leaders Blue Earth City Council this week opted to move ahead and seek plans for double angled parking in a two-block area along Main Street that is slated for reconstruction. more »»

Hillary Clinton sways in the breeze with polls

October 9, 2015 While she was running unsuccessfully for president in 2007-08, Hillary Clinton’s stance on protecting Second Amendment rights was so tough her chief opponent, Barack Obama, accused her of “talking... more »»

Unlike some, businesses see positive future here

October 8, 2015 The way some people talk, life is grim and it’s Fairmont’s fault. We think this says more about the speakers than about the city. more »»

Abusive government actions go unpunished

October 7, 2015 This is the United States of America, where the government is not supposed to attempt to intimidate members of the press, use the Internal Revenue Service to harass opponents of the White House,... more »»

Hillary Clinton’s woes are of her own making

October 6, 2015 Not that former President Bill “I did not have sex with that woman” Clinton would know anything about it, but many voters view trust as the key issue in selecting a president. more »»

Afghanistan strategy needs major overhaul

October 5, 2015 Early in his presidency, Barack Obama made it clear to the Taliban that to re-conquer Afghanistan, wrenched from them at the cost of many American lives, all they had to do was wait out the United... more »»

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October 3, 2015 UHD coming to town We congratulate and welcome UHD to Fairmont. The Blue Earth-based health care center recently announced that it will open a clinic near downtown Fairmont. more »»

For this administration, law too often ignored

October 2, 2015 If there is a federal agency qualified to serve as the poster child for President Barack Obama’s imperial presidency, it is the National Labor Relations Board. more »»

If possible, we say keep parking as it exists now

October 1, 2015 Politicians know how to use statistics. Namely for their own ends. But sometimes those ends make sense, as in the case of parking in downtown Blue Earth. more »»



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