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Building value soars

While this year’s turmoil at Fairmont City Hall and in City Council chambers has roiled the city, local businesses and individuals have been putting their stamp on the year in a much different, much more positive way. They have been busy building.

Fairmont economic development coordinator Linsey Preuss reported this week that the value of this year’s permits is $27 million. The average since 2016 has been $5.25 million. Wow.

We thank and congratulate all those who are investing locally. You are building Fairmont’s future.

What will be examined?

Fairmont Mayor Debbie Foster was absolutely right this week when she said that areas to be examined in a proposed state “forensic” audit of the city should be made public. Citizens have a right to know what it is that some council members are concerned about and why.

Although the city is audited every year, a state audit may find some procedural missteps, or perhaps even a larger discrepancy. (Seems doubtful.) But the question looms: What if an audit finds nothing at all? Citizens need to be able to hold council members to account for approving what may well be a wasted expense.

Auto academy added

Fairmont Area Schools continues to impress us. We credit its leaders, teachers, staff and school board members for their positive, progressive attitudes.

The district this week announced it has received a $50,000 grant from LYFT Pathways to be matched by the school and used to create an automotive academy, which also will serve neighboring districts.

The auto academy will join the ag academy and the welding academy in the district’s vocational training wing.

Many young lives are benefitting from the school’s foresight and actions. What a great legacy.

Showcasing Fairmont

More good news: Fairmont has been selected as the site for the 2020 Minnesota Governor’s Pheasant Hunting Opener. The event will take place next October, and provide the city and residents with the opportunity to showcase the area. It has been 20 years since the last such opportunity, when Fairmont hosted the Governor’s Fishing Opener in 1987.

We extend congratulations and thanks to Steph Busiahn at Visit Fairmont, the Martin County Pheasants Forever Chapter and Jason Subbert, who chaired the committee to bring the pheasant opener here.


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