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Put ‘coupons’ to use

People accumulate things in their homes, some of which can be troublesome or expensive to be rid of. Even if they want to clean up, they may feel stymied.

So we think it is great that the city of Fairmont mails out “coupons” each year to its utility customers to help them with this problem. The coupons let people dispose of two tires, two appliances, two electronics and 10 household items free of charge. There are specific dates for collections.

We hope citizens take advantage of this opportunity. They are, after all, paying for it through a $2 monthly charge.

Group does great work

It is heartening to know that the Fairmont Community Hospital Foundation remains committed to giving, year in and year out. The group recently marked 30 years of benevolence at its annual meeting.

The foundation has accumulated an endowment fund of more than $4 million in assets. It uses a portion of dividends to offer grants to Mayo-Fairmont. The funds improve patient care and patient experiences.

We know Mayo and patients appreciate the kindness of the foundation. It is truly making a difference in people’s lives.

Focus, get the job done

Minnesota state lawmakers and Gov. Tim Walz have begun the arduous process of negotiating an end to the 2019 legislative session. We hope they are all keeping in mind the best interests of Minnesotans.

Citizens want the two sides to finish their work before the May 20 deadline. If they cannot agree, they need to agree to disagree and move on. Given divided government, a compromise will be needed, and both sides are going to have to give some ground. There are no real mysteries in politics. People understand each other and other people’s positions. Now they just need to get it done.

Everyone wants change

The Associated Press put out a stunningly meaningless poll this week. Its result: 54 percent of Americans think the structure of the government needs major changes.

We bet you could ask any American if they want the government to be different and they could outline at least a handful of ideas they would like to see implemented. Everyone wants the government to change. Because they think everyone else has brought about a government they do not like.

The important point is that the government can change. And the people have the power to make that happen.


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