Truman seeks funds for pool

TRUMAN — Truman City Council on Monday met with Truman Pool Commissioner Faith Clow regarding the need to replace the pool deck.

The deck — the concrete pad surrounding the pool — has been replaced many times over the last 52 years but it now is in dire condition. And there is just a short period of time the deck can be replaced before the pool’s tentative opening June 1.

City Administrator Bethanie Ekstrom said there may be safety concerns given the crumbling concrete and children walking around barefoot.

Several months ago, a fundraising sign was put up in town, asking residents to donate to meet the $50,000 cost that is anticipated. Clow said $11,400 has been raised so far, including money given by the city.

“Hopefully, we continue to get donations but it needs to be addressed sooner rather than later,” said council member Jake Ebert.

Clow said she is working on obtaining several grants through local organizations.

One contractor has offered a bid on the work but the council decided to open up the process for more bidding in the next two weeks.

Moving along to other matters, the council discussed a snow emergency policy.

“I can’t see the whole town not being able to park on the streets,” said Councilman Brandon Mosloski. “We need to look at other options besides the whole town being under one blanket plan.”

He noted that many residents do not have enough off-street parking.

The council discussed drafting a policy that would require residents to park on odd or even sides of the street on alternate days to allow city plows to remove snow.

The policy would be in effect from Nov. 1 through April 1.

Council members say they will keep working on a policy, and what they will do in regard to towing and fines. They plan to finalize a plan before November.

In other action, the council looked at several bids it had received for refinishing the floor in the community building. The city has $8,600 set aside in this year’s budget for the project.

Mosloski made a motion to go with Genuine Hardwood Floors of Waseca, to recoat and refinish on 2,779 square feet at a cost of $8,059.

Turning to other matters, Ekstrom asked council members how they feel about getting summer help for the city this year, as there were several students who helped out last summer.

“I think summer help would be an asset,” she said.

The council discussed the possibility of getting one person to help the city, while suggesting the baseball association get one person to help with the fields.

The council discussed starting pay of $9 per hour but ultimately decided to table the matter in order to discuss it with the city’s street department workers.

In other news:

o The council is looking for someone to clean the community building at a rate of $12 per hour. Anyone interested may contact the city for more information.

o Approved a low bid of $50,722 from Pearson Bros., Inc for the annual sealcoating project.