Beletti takes on new role at Fairmont PD

We all like to stay comfortable in life, but the greatest adventure is often what lies ahead.

Just ask Mike Beletti of the Fairmont Police Department. Formerly the school resource officer at Fairmont Area Schools, Beletti now holds a sergeant position, and is excited to see where the opportunity takes him.

When asked about his promotion, Beletti said the position opened up with retirement of Sgt. Kevin Kelly at the end of April.

Beletti shared what the application process was like, along with his new duties.

“The process of applying included a letter of interest, written test and interviews, and lasted approximately one month,” he said. “After completing all steps, I met with Chief (Mike) Hunter to review scores from the process and I was offered the position of sergeant. I was very pleased with the opportunity to advance my career with Fairmont Police Department.

“Fairmont PD sergeants are assigned specific duties aside from supervising their shift,” he continued. “I have been assigned to squad car maintenance (fleet management), equipment purchasing and technology. I’m responsible for ordering new squads and maintaining our current fleet.

“The equipment role includes purchasing anything that officers need to conduct their jobs.

“As far as technology, I administer our body camera program, train officers on our in squad laptop software, and maintain our department website and Facebook page.

“I have also been assigned to the uniform and equipment committee, which consists of three FPD officers, and we meet quarterly to discuss any upcoming department needs and assist with preparing the capital expenditure budget.”

Beletti went on to say he is looking forward to being part of the decision-making team on where the Fairmont Police Department goes in the future.

“We are on the leading edge of technology and equipment which is where I’d like to see us continue,” he said. “I’m looking forward to being a mentor to other officers, and I remain on the field training unit for newly hired officers, which I look forward to continue as I enjoy sharing knowledge with others.

“Lastly, I’m looking forward to being back on the street where I’m able to make connections and build relationships with community members.”

Though Beletti is excited for his new position, he says he will always have fond memories of his time as a school resource officer, and notes that he will maintain the friendships he formed in his time there.

“Although I only served as SRO for one year, I made several positive connections with students, staff and parents,” he said. “I truly enjoyed my time at Fairmont Area Schools and will miss the daily interactions with everyone I had the opportunity to visit with. I intend on keeping in touch with everyone I worked with and look forward to visiting the schools and participating with Adopt-A-Cop.”


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