MCA gymnasts edge New Ulm

POWER & FINESSE — Martin County Area Magic gymnast Anna Utermarck displays her strength and flexibility by executing a back handspring on the balance beam during a Big South Conference dual meet against the New Ulm Eagles on Friday night in Welcome. (Photo by Charlie Sorrells)

WELCOME — Only 1.233 points separated No. 17 Martin County Area and No. 19 New Ulm in the Class A state gymnastics poll entering Friday night’s Big South Conference East Division showdown in Welcome.

The hometown Magic utilized their high-scoring all-around trio of Sabrina Segar, Anna Bachenberg and Anna Utermarck to offset Eagles freshman phenom Kayla Goblirsch’s near-sweep of the individual events en route to a 139.725-137.25 league dual-meet victory.

Goblirsch captured top honors on the vault (9.6) with a piked Yurchenko, and took first place on uneven parallel bars (8.75) and balance beam (9.4) to complement a runner-up showing to Segar on the floor — 9.55-9.5 — to pocket the all-around crown with an impressive total of 37.25 points.

Segar, who garnered second place on the vault (9.5) and balance beam (9.2), earned runner-up all-around accolades with a total of 36.375, while Bachenberg and Utermarck added stellar scoring depth with a 35.1 and a 34.05 to net third and fourth overall, respectively.

“I thought the girls came back strong after having the entire week off due to the sub-zero temperatures that caused the schools to be closed,” said Martin County Area head coach LeeAnn Steen, whose lineup produced a season’s-best score with the Big South dual decision. “We looked really focused on the beam and floor tonight.”

Segar rotated and landed a one-and-a-half to cap her initial tumbling sequence to highlight the final floor exercise score of the night to squeeze by Goblirsch by five-hundredths of a point to pace the Magic’s 37.075-36.325 edge over the Eagles on the team ledger.

Bachenberg nailed down third place on the floor with a 9.3, while MCA teammate Emma Schultze delivered a fourth-place scored performance of 9.2. Utermarck also cleared the 9-point plateau out of the leadoff spot with a 9.075.

“They got us on the beam tonight,” said New Ulm head coach Kortney Peterson, whose lineup also generated a season-high scoring total on the night. “We had to count a number of falls and that was part of the difference, although it was a close meet to the end.”

After Goblirsch’s winning score of 9.4 — that was highlighted by an aerial to a cartwheel — and Segar’s runner-up mark of 9.2, Utermarck and Bachenberg delivered the third- and fourth-best beam scores with an 8.7 and an 8.475, respectively, to pace MCA’s 34.675-32.225 advantage on the 4-inch-wide apparatus.

New Ulm, however, eclipsed MCA on the uneven bars, 33.125-32.1, to actually hold a slight edge in the team competition after the first two completed rotations.

Goblirsch spun two tight-legged giants to pace her first-place score of 8.75 on the unevens, while New Ulm teammates Madison Miller and Paige Kalis claimed second (8.25) and fourth (8.15), respectively, to fuel the visitors’ upperhand in the scoring column.

Bachenberg, who netted third on the unevens with an 8.175, followed Segar’s second-place piked Tsukahara with a third-place Tsuk of her own for a 9.15 to trigger the Magic’s razor-thin 35.875-35.575 edge in the team scoring.

Martin County Area (8-1) travels to Winnebago for a Big South dual meet with Blue Earth Area on Tuesday. New Ulm (5-2) plays host to Waseca on Monday night.

Varsity Results

MCA 139.725,

New Ulm 137.25

All-Around: 1. Kayla Goblirsch (NU) 37.25; 2. Sabrina Segar (MCA) 36.375; 3. Anna Bachenberg (MCA) 35.1; 4. Anna Utermarck (MCA) 34.05.

Vault: 1. Kayla Goblirsch (NU) 9.6; 2. Sabrina Segar (MCA) 9.5; 3. Anna Bachenberg (MCA) 9.15; 4. Michelle Rosenhamer (NU) 8.85.

Other MCA scores: Anna Utermarck 8.625; Ellie Schultze 8.6; Gwen Kallemeyn 8.45.

Unevens: 1. Kayla Goblirsch (NU) 8.75; 2. Madison Miller (NU) 8.25; 3. Anna Bachenberg (MCA) 8.175; 4. Paige Kalis (NU) 8.15.

Other MCA scores: Sabrina Segar 8.125; Gwen Kallemeyn 8.1; Anna Utermarck 7.7; Ellie Hernes 7.7.

Beam: 1. Kayla Goblirsch (NU) 9.4; 2. Sabrina Segar (MCA) 9.2; 3. Anna Utermarck (MCA) 8.7; 4. Anna Bachenberg (MCA) 8.475.

Other MCA scores: Ellie Schultze 8.3; Hailee Schuett 6.825.

Floor: 1. Sabrina Segar (MCA) 9.55; 2. Kayla Goblirsch (NU) 9.5; 3. Anna Bachenberg (MCA) 9.3; 4. Emma Schultze (MCA) 9.2.

Other MCA scores: Anna Utermarck 9.025; Hailee Schuett 8.7.

JV Results

New Ulm 126.05, MCA 124.9.

All-Around: 1. Ella Freiderich (NU) 32.1; 2. (tie) Jessica Jerke (NU) and Laura Bertrang (NU) 29.1s; 3. Jennifer Ebnet (NU) 27.75; 4. Abi Chavez (MCA) 27.45. Other MCA score: Emily Hagen 25.65.

Vault: 1. Emma Schultze (MCA) 8.7; 2. Ellie Hernes (MCA) 8.35; 3. (tie) Hailee Schuett (MCA), Ella Freiderich (NU), Jessica Jerke (NU) and Kaylee Hutchinson (NU) 8.3s; 4. Laura Bertrang (NU) 8.2. Other MCA scores: Abi Chavez 8.1; Ella Meyers 8.1; Sady Ringnell 8.0; Ivy Kokoruda 8.0; Emily Hagen 7.8.

Unevens: 1. (tie) Ella Freiderich (NU), Hudson Ringnell (MCA) and Emily Guggisberg (NU) 7.4s; 2. Ivy Kokoruda (MCA) 7.35; 3. Ellie Schultze (MCA) 7.2; 4. Hailee Schuett (MCA) 7.1. Other MCA scores: Emma Schultze 6.8; Carolina Hernandez 6.3; Abi Chavez 5.6; Emily Hagen 4.1.

Beam: 1. Autumn Gatzlaff (NU) 8.2; 2. Madison Miller (NU) 7.75; 3. Hudson Ringnell (MCA) 7.5; 4. (tie) Gwen Kallemeyn (MCA), Marah Steele (MCA) and Ella Freiderich (NU) 7.3s. Other MCA scores: Ivy Kokoruda 7.0; Emily Hagen 6.9; Emma Schultze 6.5; Abi Chavez 5.5; Ellie Hernes 5.1.

Floor: 1. Ella Freiderich (NU) 9.1; 2. Gwen Kallemeyn (MCA) 8.85; 3. Madison Miller (NU) 8.6; 4. Kelsi Miller (NU) 8.5. Other MCA scores: Abi Chavez 8.25; Sady Ringnell 8.2; Hudson Ringnell 8.0; Ellie Hernes 7.2; Ella Meyers 7.0; Emily Hagen 6.85; Carolina Hernandez 6.3.