Magic gymnasts beam to win over Luverne

REACHING OUT — Martin County Area gymnast Gwen Kallemeyn twists while reaching out to grip the high bar during a transitional move on the uneven parallel bars during a Big South Conference dual meet with Luverne on Thursday night in Welcome. Assistant coaches Dan Sparks (right) and Brian Steen (left) watch the maneuver. (Photo by Charlie Sorrells)

WELCOME — Martin County Area sophomore Sabrina Segar joined vocal harmonies with Magic teammates Emma Schultze and Kaitlyn Freese to sing the national anthem prior to Thursday night’s gymnastics home opener.

Segar then joined forces with the rest of her MCA teammates to post a 129.475-116.075 victory over the Luverne Cardinals during a Big South Conference dual meet in Welcome.

Segar and eighth-grade phenom Anna Bachenberg packed a lethal 1-2 scoring punch in the all-around competition for the second consecutive meet. Segar captured first-place honors with a four-event total of 33.9, while Bachenberg claimed runner-up individual accolades with a score of 31.9. Both Segar and Bachenberg eclipsed their season-opening scores in a win over Jackson County Central last Friday night in Jackson.

Ironically, Bachenberg prevented a complete individual sweep by Segar by edging her Magic teammate in the vault competition, 8.975-8.825. Bachenberg planted her initial Tsukahara off the table to eclipse Segar’s Tsuk.

Segar, however, paced MCA’s team sweep on the balance beam by executing back-to-back back handsprings and sticking like glue in landing her standing back tuck en route to a first-place score of 8.4.

“We definitely had a stronger beam set tonight,” said MCA head coach LeeAnn Steen. “We’ve been working on more difficult skills in practice and starting to incorporate them into our meets.

“It was a strong team performance behind our win tonight.”

Eighth-grade standout Anna Utermarck claimed second place on the strength of two back walkovers to pace an 8.225 for the Magic, Bachenberg did likewise in generating a third-place score of 8.0, while Ellie Schultze netted fourth with a 7.95.

Segar also spearheaded MCA pocketing four of the top five spots on the floor exercise by rotating a one-and-a-half on her first tumbling pass and ending with a full to trigger a winning score of 9.175.

Freshman phenom Hailee Schuett garnered second place with an 8.15-scored floor routine, while Bachenberg and Emma Schultze shared third-place honors with 8.05s.

Segar earned her third individual win on the uneven parallel bars by executing a bale transitional maneuver from the high to low bar en route to a 7.5.

Freshman standout Gwen Kallemeyn captured third place on the unevens at 7.3, while teammate Ellie Schultze collected fourth place with a 6.9 for MCA.

Martin County Area (2-0) travels to Waseca next Thursday for another Big South Conference dual meet. Luverne (1-1) hits the road to Winnebago on Friday, Dec. 14, for a dual meet against Blue Earth Area.

Varsity Results

MCA 129.475,

Luverne 116.075

All-Around: 1. Sabrina Segar (MCA) 33.9; 2. Anna Bachenberg (MCA) 31.9; 3. Meghan Witte (LUV) 31.025; 4. Anna Huisman (LUV) 28.325.

Vault: 1. Anna Bachenberg (MCA) 8.975; 2. Sabrina Segar (MCA) 8.825; 3. Ivy Hudson (LUV) 8.775; 4. Meghan Witte (LUV) 8.75.

Other MCA scores: Emma Schultze 8.55; Anna Utermarck 8.55; Gwen Kallemeyn 8.425.

Uneven Parallel Bars: 1. Sabrina Segar (MCA) 7.5; 2. Meghan Witte (LUV) 7.45; 3. Gwen Kallemeyn (MCA) 7.3; 4. Ellie Schultze (MCA) 6.9.

Other MCA scores: Anna Bachenberg 6.875; Hailee Schuett 6.05.

Balance Beam: 1. Sabrina Segar (MCA) 8.4; 2. Anna Utermarck (MCA) 8.225; 3. Anna Bachenberg (MCA) 8.0; 4. Ellie Schultze (MCA) 7.95.

Other MCA score: Hailee Schuett 7.2.

Floor Exercise: 1. Sabrina Segar (MCA) 9.175; 2. Hailee Schuett (MCA) 8.15; 3. (tie) Anna Bachenberg (MCA) and Emma Schultze (MCA) 8.05s; 4. Meghan Witte (LUV) 8.025.

Other MCA score: Anna Utermarck 7.9.

JV Results

MCA 115.0, Luverne 100.6

All-Around: 1. Hudson Ringnell (MCA) 27.25; 2. Cedar Viessman (LUV) 25.0; 3. Myles Trimble (LUV) 6.9; 4. Tiana Lais (LUV) 24.4.

Vault: 1. Hannah Linse (MCA) 8.4; 2. Tiana Lais (LUV) 8.2; 3. Hudson Ringnell (MCA) 8.1; 4. (tie) Hailee Schuett (MCA), Bonita Tiesler (LUV) and Madigan Flom (LUV) 8.0s.

Other MCA scores: Sady Ringnell 7.9; Ella Myers 7.85; Abi Chavez 7.8; Carolina Hernandez 7.6; Marah Steele 7.3.

Unevens: 1. Emma Schultze (MCA) 7.0; 2. Anna Utermarck (MCA) 6.85; 3. Abi Chavez (MCA) 6.55; 4. Ivy Kokoruda (MCA) 6.3.

Other MCA scores: Hudson Ringnell 5.7; Marah Steele 3.4; Miah Olson 3.3; Emily Hagen 3.2.

Beam: 1. Emily Hagen (MCA) 7.3; 2. Myles Trimble (LUV) 6.9; 3. (tie) Gwen Kallemeyn (MCA) and Cedar Viessman (LUV) 6.7s; 4. Emma Schultze (MCA) 6.65.

Other MCA scores: Hudson Ringnell 6.5; Ella Myers 6.0; Marah Steele 5.5; Kaitlyn Freese 5.4; Miah Olson 5.1.

Floor: 1. Abi Chavez (MCA) 7.8; 2. Sady Ringnell (MCA) 7.4; 3. Hudson Ringnell (MCA) 6.95; 4. Myles Trimble (LUV) 6.9.

Other MCA scores: Gwen Kallemeyn 6.6; Carolina Hernandez 6.2; Emily Hagen 5.95; Hannah Linse 5.8; Kaitlyn Freese 4.5.