Magic gymnasts beam by Marshall

BEAMING SUCCESS — Martin County Area Magic gymnast Brielle Meade executes a back handspring on the balance beam during Big South Conference dual-meet action Thursday night in Welcome. (Photo by Charlie Sorrells)

WELCOME — After a two-week holiday hiatus from competition, the Martin County Area Magic gymnasts rang in the New Year with a 125.0-122.95 Big South Conference triumph over the improved Marshall Tigers on Thursday night in Welcome.

Freshman Sabrina Segar and senior Brielle Meade produced a respective 2-4 showing in the all-around competition, while eighth-grader Ellie Schultze won the balance beam to pack scoring punch to the Magic’s winning dual-meet performance.

“We definitely looked like a team that’s just returning from time off over the holidays,” said Martin County Area mentor LeeAnn Steen. “We ended 2017 with a (132.475-124.875) win over Windom (Area) on Dec. 21 (in Welcome), so we’ll have to work our way back to that total.

“Although tonight we didn’t stick any of our beams, so that makes a difference, too.”

Segar, who captured runner-up all-around accolades (32.475) to Marshall eighth-grade phenom Saphi McFarquhar’s winning total (33.75), paced the Magic’s narrow 34.0-33.8 scoring edge over the Tigers on the vault.

Segar rotated a Tsuk for a first-place score of 8.85, while eighth-grade teammate Gwen Kallemeyn tied Marshall junior Taliya McFarquhar for fourth place at 8.5. Taliya McFarquhar netted third overall with a four-piece total of 31.35.

Saphi McFarquhar and Taliya McFarquhar placed 1-2, respectively, on the uneven parallel bars for Marshall, while Meade paced the Magic’s trio that swept the next three spots.

Meade, who tallied a four-event score of 30.6 to net fourth in the all-around, placed third on the unevens with a 7.0, while Segar (6.95) and Kallemeyn (6.925) rounded out the top five on the bars, respectively.

Ellie Schultze captured top honors on the balance beam with an 8.2-scored routine, while Segar delivered the second-highest score on the event at 7.95 to pace MCA’s 30.325-29.1 advantage on the 4-inch-wide apparatus.

Meade tied Taliya McFarquhar for fifth place on the beam at 7.35, while Saphi McFarquhar notched third on the piece of equipment at 7.85.

Saphi McFarquhar and Taliya McFarquhar produced a 1-3 finish on the floor with respective totals of 9.0 and 8.35, while Segar claimed second by receiving an 8.725 from the judges.

Anna Bachenberg and Meade capped the top-five scoring on the floor by executing their tumbling passes for respective marks of 8.25 for fourth place and 8.05 for fifth.

Martin County Area hits the road to Worthington for a 6 p.m. Big South dual meet on Tuesday, while Marshall plays host to an eight-team invitational at 11 a.m. Saturday.

Varsity Results

MCA 125.0, Marshall 122.95

Individual Results

All-Around: 1. Saphi McFarquhar (Marshall) 33.75; 2. Sabrina Segar (MCA) 32.475; 3. Taliya McFarquhar (Marshall) 31.35; 4. Brielle Meade (MCA) 30.6.

Vault: 1. Segar (MCA) 8.85; 2. (tie) S. McFarquhar (Marshall) and MiKayla Chesley (Marshall) 8.6s; 4. (tie) Gwen Kallemeyn (MCA) and T. McFarquhar (Marshall) 8.5s.

Other MCA scores: Emma Schultze 8.35; Anna Utermarck 8.3; Meade 8.2.

Uneven Parallel Bars: 1. S. McFarquhar (Marshall) 8.3; 2. T. McFarquhar (Marshall) 7.15; 3. Meade (MCA) 7.0; 4. Segar (MCA) 6.95; 5. Kallemeyn (MCA) 6.925.

Other MCA scores: Hailee Schuett 6.85; Emma Schultze 6.25.

Balance beam: 1. Ellie Schultze (MCA) 8.2; 2. Segar (MCA) 7.95; 3. S. McFarquhar (Marshall) 7.85; 4. Kaitlyn Matzner (Marshall) 7.4; 5. (tie) Meade (MCA) and T. McFarquhar (Marshall) 7.35s.

Other MCA scores: Anna Bachenberg 6.825; Schuett 6.725.

Floor exercise: 1. S. McFarquhar (Marshall) 9.0; 2. Segar (MCA) 8.725; 3. T. McFarquhar (Marshall) 8.35; 4. Bachenberg (MCA) 8.25; 5. Meade (MCA) 8.05.

Other MCA scores: Utermarck 7.925; Emma Schultze 7.8.

JV Results

MCA 113.7, Marshall 102.85

Individual Results

All-Around: 1. Ivy Kokoruda (MCA) 24.6; 2. Dylan Kack (Marshall) 23.9.

Vault: 1. Ellie Schultze (MCA) 8.4; 2. (tie) Ella Meyers (MCA) and Hailee Schuett (MCA) 7.8s; 4. Jordyn Kack (Marshall) 7.6; 5. (tie) Kokoruda (MCA), D. Kack (Marshall) and Sydney Brandt (Marshall) 7.4s.

Other MCA scores: Brianna Morrow 7.3; Emily Hagen 7.0.

Unevens: 1. Ellie Schultze (MCA) 6.9; 2. Anna Utermarck (MCA) 6.8; 3. Anna Bachenberg (MCA) 6.5; 4. Kaitlyn Matzner (Marshall) 6.0; 5. Clara Bader (Marshall) 5.5.

Other MCA scores: Morrow 4.9; Kokoruda 4.8; Hagen 4.7; Carolina Hernandez 4.3.

Beam: 1. Gwen Kallemeyn (MCA) 7.65; 2. Emma Schultze (MCA) 7.4; 3. Utermarck (MCA) 6.9; 4. Meyers (MCA) 6.55; 5. Kelli Remme (Marshall) 6.3.

Other MCA scores: Morrow 6.1; Hagen 6.0; Kokoruda 5.7; Kaitlyn Freese 5.3.

Floor: 1. Kallemeyn (MCA) 7.8; 2. Schuett (MCA) 7.5; 3. Reagan Brandt (Marshall) 7.1; 4. (tie) Kokoruda (MCA), Hernandez (MCA) and D. Kack (Marshall) 6.7s.

Other MCA scores: Ellie Schultze 6.65; Meyers 6.6; Freese 4.0.