Trojans gymnasts beam past Magic

MCA's Peterson wins all-around crown in BSC tilt

WITH A TWIST — Martin County Area gymnast Jenna Steele twists her handspring-full vault to perfection during a Big South Conference dual meet with the Worthington Trojans on Tuesday night in Welcome. (Photo by Charlie Sorrells)

WELCOME — Maria Contreras, Taylor Eggers and the Class A No. 4-ranked Worthington Trojans captured Tuesday night’s team decision, but Martin County Area’s Bryanna Peterson literally floored all rivals in winning the individual competition.

Contreras captured runner-up accolades with a total of 35.9 points and Eggers placed third overall with a 35.125 to propel the Trojans to a 141.725-135.225 Big South Conference dual-meet victory over the Magic in Welcome.

Worthington displayed its skilled depth by competing without freshman phenom McKenna Prunty, who sat out the meet due to an injury. Prunty topped the Trojans’ second-place team total at the Marshall Invitational on Saturday by capturing third in the all-around with a score of 36.225.

Peterson, however, executed all four of her routines to near-perfection to best the talented all-around field by a staggering two points en route to a career-best 37.825 points and a first-place sweep across the board.

Peterson sent the judges’ scorecards soaring during the dual meet’s opening rotation by planting her initial piked Yurchenko for a winning mark of 9.4 out of the Magic’s anchor spot.

“I’ve been working it (Yurchenko) since last season, but just started competing it on a regular basis about three meets ago,” said Peterson, who switched her vault from a Tsukahara.

Jenna Steele twisted and stuck her handspring-full off the vault table for an 8.825 to pack scoring punch for the Magic, with Maiya Dietz (8.7), Sabrina Segar (8.4) and Cara Behrends (8.3) rounding out the home team’s effort.

Eggers, Kara Thuringer and Contreras rounded out the top four on the vault for the Trojans by eclipsing the 9-point barrier with a 9.175, 9.15 and 9.0, respectively.

Peterson delivered the knockout punch on the uneven parallel bars by executing her strength and finesse via her mastery of giants en route to a winning score of 9.4. Dietz, who placed fifth in the all-around competition with a 32.85 total, produced a fourth-place mark of 8.2 on the unevens for the Magic.

Segar, who netted sixth in the all-around at 32.05, generated a 7.75 for MCA, followed by Andrea Thate (7.075) and Maggie Bachenberg (6.575).

Contreras claimed second on the unevens at 8.85, while Gracia Elias and Autumn Drahota shared third-place honors with a pair of 8.425s for Worthington.

Peterson awed the judges and Welcome gymnasium observers by converting a backhandspring to a back tuck before planting a front-tuck maneuver to generate a winning score of 9.5 on the balance beam.

Brielle Meade executed her standing back tuck and later, connected backhandsprings to fuel her fourth-place score of 8.725 on the beam for the Magic.

Dietz (7.85), Steele (7.65) and Segar (7.625) rounded out MCA’s performance on the 4-inch-wide apparatus. Contreras netted runner-up honors again with a 9.2 on the beam, while Elias posted a third-place mark of 9.175.

Peterson iced her all-around crown by executing a pike double on her first tumbling pass, turned a front one-and-a-half middle sequence and capped her final run with a double-full to generate a first-place 9.475.

Meade tallied an 8.85 to share fifth place on the floor exercise with Contreras. Segar (8.275), Dietz (8.1) and Behrends (7.75) rounded out the Magic’s effort on the floor.

Eggers, Thuringer and Abby Bristow delivered a 2-3-4 finish on the floor for the Trojans with a 9.275, a 9.1 and a 9.025, respectively.

Martin County Area (4-2) hosts the Magic Invitational at 11 a.m. Saturday in Welcome. Worthington (6-0) competes against Mankato West, Red Wing and Mankato East at 6 p.m. Thursday night in Mankato.

Varsity Results

Worthington 141.725; Martin Co. Area 135.225

All-Around: 1. Bryanna Peterson (MCA) 37.825; 2. Maria Contreras (W) 35.9; 3. Taylor Eggers (W) 35.125; 4. Kara Thuringer (W) 33.95; 5. Maiya Dietz (MCA) 32.85; 6. Sabrina Segar (MCA) 32.05.

Vault: 1. Peterson (MCA) 9.4; 2. Eggers (W) 9.175; 3. Thuringer (W) 9.15; 4. Contreras (W) 9.0; 5. Presley Eggers (W) 8.9. Other MCA scores: Jenna Steele 8.825; Dietz 8.7; Segar 8.4; Cara Behrends 8.3.

Uneven Parallel Bars: 1. Peterson (MCA) 9.45; 2. Contreras (W) 8.85; 3. (tie) Gracia Elias (W) and Autumn Drahota (W) 8.425s; 4. Dietz (MCA) 8.2; 5. Thuringer (W) 8.15. Other MCA scores: Segar 7.75; Andrea Thate 7.075; Maggie Bachenberg 6.575.

Balance Beam: 1. Peterson (MCA) 9.5; 2. Contreras (W) 9.2; 3. Elias (W) 9.175; 4. Brielle Meade (MCA) 8.725; 5. Eggers (W) 8.7. Other MCA scores: Dietz 7.85; Steele 7.65; Segar 7.625.

Floor Exercise: 1. Peterson (MCA) 9.475; 2. Eggers (W) 9.275; 3. Thuringer (W) 9.1; 4. Abby Bristow (W) 9.025; 5. (tie) Meade (MCA) and Contreras (W) 8.85s. Other MCA scores: Segar 8.275; Dietz 8.1; Behrends 7.75.

JV Results

Worthington 130.35; Martin Co. Area 122.05

All-Around: 1. Adamari Rangel (W) 31.0; 2. Emma Schultze (MCA) 29.4.

Vault: 1. Autumn Drahota (W) 8.95; 2. (tie) Rangel (W) and Gracia Elias (W) 8.9s; 3. Abby Bristow (W) 8.65. MCA scores: Maggie Bachenberg 8.25; Brielle Meade 8.1; Emma Schultze 7.9; Hannah Linse 7.8; Sady Ringnell 7.7; Miah Olson 7.65; Ella Meyers 7.6; Hudson Ringnell 7.5.

Unevens: 1. Marlena Garza (W) 7.95; 2. Bristow (W) 7.8; 3. Mekyla Nystrom (W) 7.55. MCA scores: Cara Behrends 6.9; Brielle Meade 6.8; Emma Schultze 6.4; Hailee Schuett 6.2; Gwen Kallenmeyn 6.0; Hudson Ringnell 5.4; Ivy Kokoruda 3.9; Ellie Hernes 3.3.

Beam: 1. Ellie Schultze (MCA) 8.0; 2. Rangel (W) 7.9; 3. (tie) Bachenberg (MCA) and Presley Eggers (W) 7.85s. Other MCA scores: Kallenmeyn 7.75; Schuett 7.7; Emma Schultze 7.4; Hernes 7.25; Olson 7.0; Meyers 6.4.

Floor: 1. Nystrom (W) 8.65; 2. Garza (W) 8.6; 4. Millie Piper (W) 8.5. MCA scores: Bachenberg 8.4; Kallenmeyn 8.1; Sady Ringnell 8.1; Schuett 7.8; Emma Schultze 7.7; Hernes 7.7; Meyers 7.65; Kokoruda 7.2.