Martin County Area gymnasts floor Marshall

Maiya Dietz

MARSHALL — Bryanna Peterson, Maiya Dietz and Sabrina Segar garnered three of the top four all-around spots to power the Martin County Area Magic gymnasts to a season’s-best team total of 137.05 points to eclipse the Marshall Tigers’ 119.8-point performance on Thursday night in Marshall.

The high-scoring Peterson swept all four individual pieces of equipment to coast to the all-around championship with a season’s-high score of 37.625, while Dietz pocketed runner-up individual accolades by generating 33.85 points.

Saphi McGarguhar produced 32.85 points to net third in the all-around for the hometown Tigers during the Big South Conference dual meet, while Segar placed fourth overall by tallying 31.425 points for the Magic.

Peterson displayed her high-octane skills by landing her vault for a winning score of 9.525, while Dietz connected for an 8.65-scored landing off of the table for second place. Jenna Steele and Segar each chalked up 8.55s to share third-place honors on the vault to complete the Magic’s top-four sweep.

Peterson displayed her stellar giants to pace a winning score of 9.325 on the uneven bars, while Dietz claimed second place at 7.7. McGarguhar squeezed by the Magic’s Andrea Thate for third place on the unevens, 7.45-7.375.

Peterson then fended off Dietz for top honors on the balance beam, 9.475-9.375, while Steele pocketed third place with an 8.85. McGarguhar claimed the fourth spot at 8.65.

Peterson completed her all-around sweep by literally tumbling to first place with a 9.3 on the floor exercise, with Martin County Area teammate Brielle Meade pocketing second place at 8.55. Segar and McGarguhar completed the top-four individuals with an 8.45 and an 8.3, respectively.

Martin County Area (4-1) plays host to Worthington on Tuesday night in Welcome.

MCA 137.05; Marshall 119.8

All-Around: 1. Bryanna Peterson (MCA) 37.625; 2. Maiya Dietz (MCA) 33.85; 3. Saphi McGarguhar (M) 32.85; 4. Sabrina Segar (MCA) 31.425.

Vault: 1. Peterson (MCA) 9.525; 2. Dietz (MCA) 8.65; 3. (tie) Jenna Steele (MCA) and Segar (MCA) 8.55s. Other MCA score: Cara Behrends 8.45.

Uneven Parallel Bars: 1. Peterson (MCA) 9.325; 2. Dietz (MCA) 7.7; 3. McGarguhar (M) 7.45; 4. Andrea Thate (MCA) 7.375. Other MCA scores: Segar 7.175; Maggie Bachenberg 7.025.

Balance Beam: 1. Peterson (MCA) 9.475; 2. Dietz (MCA) 9.375; 3. Steele (MCA) 8.85; 4. McGarguhar (M) 8.65. Other MCA scores: Brielle Meade 8.075; Segar 7.25.

Floor: 1. Peterson (MCA) 9.3; 2. Meade (MCA) 8.55; 3. Segar (MCA) 8.45; 4. McGarguhar (M) 8.3. Other MCA scores: Dietz 8.125; Behrends 7.85.