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29 days ago.
by phoenix

obama's most transparent administration

How transparent is it really?


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Oh you mean the wars that got the authoriztion for military use votes from 40 percent of dem representatives and 58 percent of democrat senators? We have to sign obamacare into law( one 6th of the economy) so we can see what is in it! You can keep your Dr. You can keep your health insurance! Those shovel ready jobs were not as shovel ready as we thought! If the sequester happenes those cuts will force air traffic to a halt because air traffic controllers will lose their jobs! BENGHAZI! Fast and furious guns ! SOLYNDRA! What is next?

Posted 29 days ago.

Much more than any of the Republican administrations! Especially Bush2's You may recall that was when all the lies were made up getting us into 2 unpaid for wars?

Posted 91 days ago.


It's as clear as mud and sounds twice as smart!!!

Posted 211 days ago.

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