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No reason Blue Earth can’t weigh other sites

December 5, 2012
Gary Andersen, Lee Smith , Fairmont Sentinel

Blue Earth City Council and the Faribault County Fair Board have made a wise agreement to swap some land. Blue Earth gets 1.8 acres surrounding the Green Giant statue, a tourism draw. The Fair Board gets 2.66 acres at the fairgrounds, including the grandstand and go-kart track. In other words, the entity that should own each parcel now does.

However, this decision does not sit well with everyone. Some City Council members and some citizens involved in baseball and softball programs are not thrilled. They would like to see the development of a ball field at the fairgrounds. With the city no giving up title to the land, the city is losing control of any such option.

While it's possible the fair board may consider putting in a ball field, it doesn't seem probable. The Fair Board has its own goals for the fairgrounds, as it should.

What we find difficult to believe is that the entire focus of ball field advocates comes down to one little parcel at the fairgrounds. Can this really be their only hope? If local residents are truly interested in the development of more ball fields, and if the numbers of participants are swelling, then Blue Earth should be able to find a workable solution. At the very least, it should be able to start examining possibilities. The entire community is surrounded by ag land. Is there truly no place for a possible ball field project. Maybe even a complex is in order.

Can't city leaders and ball field advocates get a little creative rather than tear at one another over the fairgrounds site?



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