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Et Cetera ...

December 1, 2012
Gary Andersen, Lee Smith , Fairmont Sentinel

City rightly plans ahead

The city of Fairmont wants to make sure there is enough water for residents and businesses to use should the ongoing drought continue into the future. To that end, the city has applied to the state to use more water from a well it drilled in the 1970s for just such a purpose. The city draws its water from the lakes, but if levels continue to fall, alternative sources must be tapped.

Given the region's climate, the drought is a short-term problem, but that does not mean it won't continue for a while. The city is right to go step by step and see what happens. No need to overreact.

This thing is a mess

A speaker in Fairmont this week outlined some of the challenges of the Affordable Care Act, aka "Obamacare." The act is the law of the land and President Obama won re-election, so it is going to be enforced. But there are many questions about the shape of federal regulations, because they have not yet been written.

A bigger looming question is how everyone - employers, insurers, providers, patients - is going to react when the act's provisions kick in next year. Troubles ranging from the technical to the financial for just one group will negatively impact every other one.

It's about having fun

There was Powerball mania throughout the country this week as the jackpot reached an incredible $580 million. In the end, winning tickets were sold in Missouri and Arizona Dang it.

In any case, there are some who look down upon games of chance such as Powerball. To them, it is exploitative of poor people, if not the apocalypse. They like to repeat the line about your chances of winning being worse than being struck by lightning.

So what? If you buy a couple tickets, it's just a harmless form of entertainment. And someone has to win.

Board transfers school

In the end, we have to agree with the Armstrong-Ringsted School Board, which this week decided to turn over the former Ringsted school building to an excavating business. Demolition may be up next.

There is a citizens group that has been interested in saving the old school for some other purpose. But determining that purpose and finding a way to make it a reality has butted up against the school board's timeline to make a decision about the school. The school board had to do what was right to hold down costs for taxpayers.



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