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November 10, 2012
Gary Andersen, Lee Smith , Fairmont Sentinel

Stay safe this winter

Winter is just around the corner. Today marks the end of Winter Hazard Awareness Week, meant to remind everyone that staying safe on Minnesota roads means slowing down and heeding warnings when cold weather and snowstorms arrive.

One of the best pieces of advice law enforcement is offering relates to cell phones. Having a phone is good, but it won't prevent you from going in the ditch. And if you go in the ditch, yes, you may be able to call someone for help, but then you are putting that person in danger too. It's just better for everyone if people do not try to push their luck during inclement weather.

Lots of interest in work

Kudos to organizers of an open house this week regarding the Highway 169 project in Blue Earth. The event created a lot of interest, as the rebuilding of the highway and addition of roundabouts will create a disturbance in the next construction season.

Businesses along 169 are concerned about customers and suppliers having access to their stores. They also want to know what kind of signage will go up to inform drivers about the situation.

We know the project will be disruptive, but planning and patience will go a long way toward smoothing over problems.

Thanks for running

We congratulate all of those candidates for public office who won their elections this week. We hope you will reach out to all citizens, including those who voted against you, and that your tenures in office are filled with success.

We also thank those candidates who did not find favor with the voters. A democracy needs people to step forward and run, even though some candidates will, inevitably, lose. In fact, some who ran knew they would lose as soon as they announced. But they still stepped forward to give a voice to a segment of voters. Kudos.



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